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The One Community Agreement

This page links to the foundational tenets of One Community. We are seeking people that are excited about what we are creating and feel it is very important that all applicants have a clear understanding of what we are creating and how we operate so as to ensure as mutually beneficial, happy, and collaboratively productive an environment as possible.






  1. Click each of the links below and thoroughly read the page that opens in a new window
  2. Once you have read the pages and understand the content, write “Yes, I am excited to participate in this” beneath the header for each section you agree with (all fields are required to be completed except the “additional comments” field)
  3. Sign at the bottom of the page if you are in full agreement (which will send us a copy of this form)

You will hear from us within 72 hours of receiving this form.

  • Note: We require this form and your Pioneer Invitation for us to begin the process of consideration to join the One Community team.



Please click each header, read the related page that opens, and write “Yes, I am excited to participate in this” in the associated box if you understand everything on the page and are excited to participate.


    Your Name

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    Overview of What We're Creating and Why

    Who We Are and Who We Seek

    One Community's Purpose, Mission, and Values

    What We Mean by "The Highest Good of All"

    Creating Global Change Through Replication

    Global Methodology and Implementation Philosophy (Page and Video)

    Everything We are Open Source Project-launch Blueprinting

    Where We Are Now in Our Creation Process

    One Community's Seven Sustainable Village Prototypes

    Becoming a Community Member

    One Community's Healthy Living Policy (Satellite Member Applicants may enter N/A in this box.)

    One Community's Policies and Procedures

    Contributing Now as a Member

    Contributing on the Property as a Pioneer (Satellite Member Applicants may enter N/A in this box.)

    Understanding True Community

    Mandatory Reading
    Before moving onto the property you will also be expected to read “The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace” by Dr. M. Scott Peck (Satellite Member Applicants may enter N/A in this box.)

    Anything else you'd like to share?




    Q: When will I hear back from you?

    You will hear back from us within 72 hours of receiving this form. If you don’t hear back from us, please send the form again and/or email us at [email protected].

    Q: Why does this agreement exist?

    This form exists to help individuals interested in joining One Community to identify if what we are creating is what you want to create too.

    Q: What if I don’t necessarily feel “excited to participate” in one or several aspects of what I’ve read?

    We seek One Community Pioneers specifically excited to participate in all aspects of creating One Community as outlined throughout the above pages and this website. If you have found this isn’t you, we invite you to participate with us through one of the diversity of other options we have available.

    Q: How does screening people fit with your Highest Good for All philosophy?

    We feel clearly identifying what it is that One Community is creating (and how we are creating it) so that only people who really want to create the same thing in the same way is specifically in the best interest of the happiness of individual applicants, harmony with all current members of the team, and assuring the success of our project and its ability to impact the planet positively for all people. Understanding that this means that this first prototype will only be a perfect fit for some people, we are open source project-launch blueprinting everything we are creating so other groups can use the information in their own way to create teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities too. Our expectation is that these future iterations will be as diverse as humanity is and our Highest Good of All perspective on this is that A) that diversity is essential and B) we would recommend for any forming group a similar process of clearly identifying to the absolute best of your ability what it is you are choosing to create, and how you are creating it, so that only people who want to create the same thing, in the same way, will join you.

    Q: What if I found a typographical error on one of the pages?

    Please use the comments field and indicate the page and copying and pasting in the sentence with the error (and your suggested correction if you like). Also, thank you! This helps us more than most people realize in continued improvement of the site.

    Q: What if I don’t understand something on one of the pages?

    Please email us your question and we’ll email you back an answer and also update the page so it is clearer. Also, thank you! This helps us more than most people realize in continued improvement of the site.

    Q: What if I think something needs more clarification on one of the pages?

    Please use the comments field to indicate the page and what you feel needs clarification and we will make modifications to the site. Also, thank you! This helps us more than most people realize in continued improvement of the site.