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Creating Utopia: Exploration and Implementation

It is interesting to observe the stigma against mentioning utopia, or the creation of any utopian project, when war, destruction, and the newest multi-billion dollar casino are accepted as part of our current reality. The fact is, however, that amazing things are being created and for any utopian vision to happen, all it needs is to be something that is accessible to everyone and accomplishable with resources available to average people. A viable society or civilization such as this should address human needs from a perspective of fulfilled living as well as sustainable foodenergy, and construction practices to combine internal/emotional needs with external/survival needs and provide sustainability for the complete human experience structured for The Highest Good of All.

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Utopian Visions of Past and Future

utopia, utopian visionsThe most commonly accepted visions of utopia are towering futuristic cities of glass, floating ocean biospheres of luxury and relaxation, or God-like civilizations orbiting in space; multi-billion or trillion dollar creations possible if major economic forces, or an organization of multiple governments, were to embrace them – but inaccessible to the common person. These visions have been around even prior to the existence of the proposed technology with legends of Atlantis and other evolved societies combined with romanticized versions of past great civilizations dining in grand halls of marble filled with richly dressed people eating food from around the world and reciting poetry to one another as artisans and entertainers fulfill their every cultural and entertainment need.

But what is possible for those who would like to create something utopian for themselves and their families, in this lifetime, and create it sustainably for The Highest Good of All and for future generations to enjoy as well? Some of these visions are so fantastical that if they were to be initiated right now, middle-aged people wouldn’t be around to see them completed; and even if they were, the cost to participate would be prohibitive for anyone not already a member of the economic elite. So what is the small-scale solution?

Utopian Models for Everyday People

Sustainable infrastructure as a foundation for financial sovereignty, and a social architecture of fulfilled living, personal growth, and contribution to the rest of the world, is something that is accessible to everyday people right now if they are willing to shift their mindset to a culture of cooperation, sharing, and living for The Highest Good of All. Concepts like growing 100% of your own food (much of the world doesn’t even have a grocery store), producing 100% of your energy through renewable sources, building your own earthen or other sustainable structure, communal approaches to recreation, education, and a social architecture of personal growth and people doing and sharing what they love most are happening already. What HASN’T happened is the combination of all of these things purposed to demonstrate large-scale sustainability and fulfilled living as self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built all over the world.

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Why Utopia Hasn’t Already Been Created

In our opinion, the reason a mainstream version of utopia hasn’t already been created can be attributed to two primary obstacles: lack of a shared vision and lack of a low-risk, high-reward example to follow. If a shared low-risk, high-reward example existed for people to follow, then groups of people would already be coming together to create evolving utopian visions.

The time has come to overcome these two obstacles and it is happening. All over the world right now people are organizing to create their own versions of sustainability and fulfilled living.  Whereas the sustainable communities and communes of the past were mostly about escape from a system they didn’t like (hardly utopian), many of the communities forming today are about bringing diverse people together to celebrate and explore what we are capable of, a new way of living, and paving the path to something different for us all.

How the Evolving Consciousness of Humanity Plays its Part

utopia expressed, utopianPeople are thinking differently about themselves and their world and these new ideas about who we are and what we are capable of are spreading, thanks to the internet, in ways that weren’t even possible just 10 years ago! The socioeconomic realities of a culture founded on competition and profit, versus one founded on collaboration, cooperation, and abundance for all, are becoming clearer and people with the knowledge and desire to create something different, not just for themselves but for The Highest Good of All, are accessing each other through the internet and organizing for change. This is leading to social revolutions, economic revolutions, massive shifts in consciousness, and the formation of groups ready to create a new and better approach to living in cohesion with each other, nature, the planet, and within themselves.

Things to Consider when Creating Utopia

Utopia means something different for different people and the various visions of communities and groups forming around the world right now are equally as diverse as people’s ideas. Before becoming a part of any group, or forming your own, it is important that you sit down and really take a look at your values and get clear on what kind of a culture you desire to be a part of. Some groups are forming and motivated by possibility, while others are forming and motivated primarily by grave concern of future disaster or collapse. Some are forming to invite the world in and share what they are creating and some are forming to escape it or isolate themselves. Many are forming as a place to live in community while working traditional jobs outside of community and a few are forming to demonstrate a completely new paradigm and civilization model. It is important to get clear on what it is that YOU want and take comfort in the fact that your ideas will evolve as you do.

The One Community Utopian Civilization Model

The One Community vision for creating utopia is, as the name implies, a model for bringing the people of the world together in a collaborative effort of living for The Highest Good of All to create a better future for everyone: a “One World Community.” We do not believe that this is the only way, or that everyone should participate or agree with us. What we DO know is that zero waste living, food, energy and construction sustainability, and a social architecture of fulfilled living, personal growth, and contribution, is possible and something that can be created in a manner that is duplicable and financially viable for any small group of organized people. In creating this we will demonstrate large-scale sustainability and fulfilled living as self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities that will be able to be duplicated modularly or completely virtually anywhere the world.

Our purpose is to collaborate with anyone interested in the same vision and to demonstrate and share the evolution of One Community in a way that makes sustainability, community, fulfilled living practices, and all the other components of a comprehensive utopian model more mainstream, easier to duplicate, and a foundation for sovereignty as self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities built for the people living in them and for surrounding communities too.

Consciousness and Form

Traditionally when past groups of people have tried to create utopias, they have focused on the form: how to share, how to create equitable social structures and an equitable economy, how to incorporate sustainable practices, etc. However, these attempts have rarely led to utopian societies because utopian societies are not possible without utopian people. It is our opinion that to create a Community based on the Highest Good For All, it is necessary that each resident also holds the consciousness of The Highest Good For All. One Community is addressing that necessity through a process of training and screening. We are maintaining this focus because we believe that if we are to truly transform the planet to create a world that works for everyone, then it is not enough to just institute best sustainable practices, but we must also move into a consciousness of Loving and a dedication to working and acting for the Highest Good For All Life in all decisions that we make. Only then can we create a utopian Community, and as people see this model demonstrated, see how much happier, healthier and more abundant these residents are, then the model will be replicated as people realize that, by shifting their consciousness, they can live more fulfilling lives too.

Summary and Closing Thoughts

“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

“The way to subvert the dominant paradigm is to have more fun than they do and make sure they know it.” ~ David Eisenberg

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

If we are ever to accomplish mainstream adaptation of the massive utopian projects currently being suggested, or re-creation of the utopias of legend, the ecological communities of today need to be comprehensive (new paradigm), have mainstream appeal (more fun), and be sustainable community strategy designed for duplication, not isolation; all of which are possible and being created by One Community and others right now (small groups of thoughtful, committed citizens changing the world). This is what we are capable of and what we, as a growing group of conscious creators, are finally waking up to and doing not because it is a new idea, but because, for the first time in our living history it is possible.

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