One Community Welcomes Amal Lazar to the Research Team!

One Community welcomes Amal Lazar to the Research Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant!

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Amal has her Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in innovative problem-solving and critical thinking. With a keen eye for detail, she applies her background in quality engineering, supported by previous experiences as a Quality Engineer Intern. Amal’s educational journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. During her studies, Amal focused on coursework such as alternative energy sources, fatigue analysis, design of experiment, etc. Amal’s professional experience includes various positions that have shaped her expertise. As a graduate Teaching Assistant at MSU, she actively contributed to administrative tasks for the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Additionally, as a Graduate Research assistant, she conducted research, data analysis, and developed models in systems engineering, with a specific focus on Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). As a member of the One Community team, Amal is helping develop research on the most sustainable options for different projects. Thus far her research has included extensive exploration identifying the best eco-laundry dryers and the most sustainable lightbulbs and light bulb companies.



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