One Community Welcomes Loza Ayehutsega to the Engineering Team!

One Community welcomes Loza Ayehutsega to the Engineering Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant!

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Loza is a Civil Engineer specializing in Risk Mitigation and Site Engineering. She holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and brings two years of experience in engineering construction. With a strong background in the industry, Loza is highly motivated and progress-focused. She is a skilled Risk Analyst and Civil and Environmental Engineer, well-versed in best practices, risk mitigation strategies, Emergency Management, safety requirements, and documentation. Her track record demonstrates initiative, dependability, and a deep understanding of risk mitigation, safety engineering, emergency management, and technical aspects. As a member of the One Community team, Loza has helped review the Net-zero Bathroom and Earthbag Village water catchment designs and is now helping with the disaster preparation and mitigation aspects of the Open Source DIY Earth Dam Design & Construction for Water Retention, Pond & Lake Creation webpage.



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