One Community Welcomes Dominick, John, Jarot, and Marcus to the Engineering Team!

One Community welcomes Dominick Banuelos, Jarot Tamba, John Paul D. Matining, and Marcus Nguyen to the Engineering Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultants!

Dominick Banuelos – Civil Engineering Student: Dominick is a student at California Baptist University working on getting his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a minor in Construction Management. Growing up, Dominick enjoyed viewing the different sceneries that surrounded him and wondered how some of those areas could be improved or built on in an eco-friendly way. He worked on multiple projects throughout his studies and has developed new skills in design, teamwork, project management, and communication which he anticipates to use in the construction/transportation field in the near future. As a member of the One Community team, Dominick is working on research as well as compression testing with aircrete and stabilized earth for sustainable construction.

Jarot Tamba – Civil Engineering Student: Jarot is a student at California Baptist University in Riverside studying to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Growing up, Jarot spent much of his free time enjoying the outdoors as well as modifying and working on classic cars and motorcycles. He has a strong background in 2D and 3D modeling, drafting, and the mechanical aspect of engineering. This led him to develop his passion for structural and transportation engineering. Jarot is an advocate for sustainable practices as well as the preservation of the outdoors. As a member of the One Community team, Jarot is part of the compression testing team conducting research on materials such as concrete, aircrete and stabilized earth.

John Paul D. Matining – Civil Engineering Student: John Paul is currently studying at California Baptist University and on track to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. John worked on a diversity of engineering projects that have reinforced his engineering, leadership, and teamwork abilities. He is enthusiastic about using different materials to build homes such as earthships and rammed earth, which led him to One Community. As a member of the team, John Paul is currently applying his engineering abilities and experience to help complete the aircrete and stabilized earth compression testing to achieve an open source data resource for One Community and others who want to build eco-friendly and sustainable housing.

Marcus Nguyen – Civil Engineering Student: Marcus is currently studying at California Baptist University in Riverside and is working towards graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Growing up, he always enjoyed traveling and working on unique projects. Over the years, Marcus has done many group projects which gave him the opportunity to grow his communication and teamwork abilities. With the skills he’s been developing throughout his learning experiences, Marcus is excited to one day apply his knowledge towards the field of engineering for construction in the world. As a member of One Community team, Marcus is conducting research and lab testing for aircrete and stabilized earth as another building material for sustainable homes.



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