One Community Welcomes Guilherme Wustro to the Software Development Team!

One Community welcomes Guilherme Wustro to the Software Development Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant!

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Guilherme graduated in civil engineering but decided it wasn’t what he wanted to focus on, so he looked for other career choices and, as someone who has focused his entire life on technology, thought that IT was something he would pursue. He then joined Kenzie Academy Brazil to further explore this option. There he developed various projects, a pet hotel page, a delivery website dedicated to people with dietary restrictions, and others (all found at his portfolio page). As a way to develop his programming skills, he joined the One Community team, where he was in charge of the Highest Good Network APP permissions management, bug fixing and polishing the user tab. Guilherme is comfortable with React, Javascript, Next.js, some other languages, and still learning new ones. His goal is to be capable at every back and front-end task. While working at One Community, he also remains engaged in other projects, being responsible for full stack menu management pages, a school food delivery company’s contracts, as well as some other page improvement. As a passionate developer, Guilherme strives to make a positive difference in the IT universe and be a capable force for the industry. He is doing his best to improve society’s quality of life, all while making sure the planet doesn’t suffer for it.



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