One Community Welcomes Jason Kim to the Software Development Team!

One Community welcomes Jason Kim to the Software Development Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant!

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A UCLA graduate with a degree in Math and Economics, Jason has 2 years of general programming experience and 1 year experience primarily as a Full Stack Developer with a focus on React. Before that, he worked as a CPA for 8 years. During his time as a CPA, Jason developed a passion for development and building solutions that others will use. He then decided to embark on a journey to follow his passion, building several personal projects using the latest tech such as React. Jason felt the Highest Good Network would be a great opportunity to put his development skills to use in a professional setting, and at the same time have a lasting impact on a good cause. As a member of the One Community team, he is helping to develop critical features in the Management Dashboard, review code, and debug.



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