One Community Welcomes Zachary Melin to the Graphic Design Team

One Community welcomes Zachary Melin to the Graphic Design Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant!

Zachary Melin, announcement

Zachary Melin – Videographer, Graphic Designer, and Airman: Zach has had an interest in art and nature since childhood. Growing up in rural Michigan, he graduated high school as an art honor student and attended a local community college using art and music scholarships. Zach soon discovered that the structure of collegiate art education was not for him, and yearning to escape the confines of his hometown, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. Military service provided him with a first-class trade-school education, first in aircraft maintenance and later in videography, while also providing a substantial amount of supervisory, managerial, followership and leadership experience. Zach’s subsequent world travel and military experience taught him many things, including the value of small communities and socialistic models, as well as the barriers class systems present. Looking forward to a future of participating in a more egalitarian system, Zach has had a keen interest in sustainability, earthen building, permaculture and all things off-the-grid since approximately 2007, and is currently participating in Oregon State University’s horticulture program via distance learning in preparation for his eventual retirement from military service. Other areas Zach is passionate about include veganism, world travel (especially geocaching with his family), hiking, and learning new things. As a One Community team member, Zach is helping with the graphic design for the Tree House Village (Pod 7) book presentation.



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