One Community Residency Timeline

This page is the 5+ year projection page for residency and traffic at One Community. If a person or family volunteers for eighteen months with our non-profit organization they will own a 99 year lease on one structure they helped build at One Community. They can continue to volunteer with us and live in this structure, upgrading it as we build new structures, or they can leave and we will rent it to visitors as an income property based on our entrepreneurial model.



Our model is to operate through volunteers and their families living on the property and helping us build and, starting with Phase II, to maintain approximately 30% of residency as transient traffic* comprised of students, eco-tourists, and others interested in complete sustainability.

*“Transient” defined by the county as staying less than 3 months

For purposes of revenue to One Community and the county, our goal is to keep “transient” rooms as full as possible with people staying anywhere from a night to a couple weeks. “Total Projected Traffic” is calculated as if we are operating at 100% capacity.

Phase I (Year 1)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: Approximately 50 adults plus children

Phase II (Year 2-3)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: Approximately 100 adults plus children

Phase III (Year 3-4)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: Approximately 150 adults plus children

Phase IV (year 4-5)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: 200 adults plus children

Phase V (Year 5+)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: Approximately 300 adults plus children

  • Completion of Phase IV would provide space for our final volunteer team of 30-40 to help build Pod 7: Treehouse Pod with ?? Rooms. This pod will incorporate everything we’ve learned to this point and be a unique architectural and sustainability self-sufficient teacher/demonstration village and “wonder of the world”
  • Availability for transient traffic at this point: 12 Duplicable City Center Rooms + 65 rooms in Pods 1-6