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One Community Residency Phases/Timeline

This page is the 5+ year projection page for residency and traffic at One Community. There are 8 phases to this process.



Our model is to operate through volunteers and their families living on the property and helping us build and, starting with completion of Phase I, to maintain approximately 30% of residency as transient traffic* comprised of students, eco-tourists, and others interested in complete sustainability.

*“Transient” defined by the county as staying less than 3 months

For purposes of revenue to One Community and the county, our goal is to keep “transient” rooms as full as possible with people staying anywhere from a night to a couple weeks. “Total Projected Traffic” is calculated as if we are operating at 100% capacity.

Phase I (Year 1)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: 50-100 adults, plus children

Phase I (Year 2-3)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: 100-200 adults, plus children

  • Year 2-3 should include completion of Phase 1 construction of the Earthbag Village and Duplicable City Center. This will provide infrastructure for 30-50 additional full-time resident Pioneers and 10-20 more children.
  • Residents will now number approximately 100 plus 20-30 children.
  • Completion of Phase I will also provide 12 Duplicable City Center rental rooms and 12 Earthbag Village rental rooms. Ten percent of the total planned camping sites (25-30) will become available at this time also.
  • Transient traffic will now be a maximum of around 100 people a day.

Phase II (Year 3-4)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: Approximately 400 adults, plus children

Phase III (year 4-5)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: 700+ adults, plus children

  • Year 4-5 should include completion of the Cob Village with 28 more residences and the remaining campsites (185).  
  • Residents will now number approximately 250 plus children.
  • Transient traffic will now be a maximum of around 500 people a day.

Phase IV-VII (Year 5+)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: 1,200 adults, plus children

  • Completion of the first 7 Phases will include the rest of the 7 sustainable villages. This will provide a total of 260 residences for Pioneers, 12 Duplicable City Center rental rooms, 93 village rental rooms, and 265 camp sites.
  • Residents will now number approximately 500 plus children.
  • Transient traffic will now be a maximum of around 700 people a day.

Phase VIII (Year 10+)

TOTAL PROJECTED RESIDENCY: 2000 adults, plus children

  • An example of Highest Good industry is planned for construction after the 7 sustainable villages. This will be a sustainable city designed based on everything we learned from all previous city constructions. It will house an additional 500-800 people and be purposed to provide a Highest Good approach to manufacturing a specific product within whatever industry we see such manufacturing as most beneficial.
  • This is planned to add an additional 600 adult residents, plus children.
  • It will also add rooms for an additional 200 visitors.