Sustainable Civilization Building – One Community Weekly Progress Update #39

One Community is a non-profit organization purposed for open source sustainable civilization building and design. Phase I includes Highest Good approaches to food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit business design, social architecture, fulfilled living, stewardship practices and more. We see open source and free-sharing solutions to these interconnected and interdependent… Read More

Implementing Global Transformation – One Community Weekly Progress Update #38

One Community is designing and implementing a detailed and self-replicating plan for global transformation. We are bringing together the people who want to help us and creating detailed open source blueprints and a self-replicating starting point to reinvent the world as a cooperative of open source sustainable… Read More

Transforming the Global Environment – One Community Weekly Progress Update #36

One Community is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization creating open source and free-shared solutions for all aspects of a sustainable civilization is transforming the global environment. Operating for The Highest Good of All, we see the simultaneous addressing of all the challenges our species currently faces… Read More

Open Source Sustainable Food Systems Update

We’ve been busy with infrastructure design details! Here are the initial layouts and aquaponics and walipini combination designs called aquapinis. The three walipini food production systems we will demonstrate as Phase I of the One Community self-sustainable food production plan are:… Read More

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