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One Community Now

One Community is creating everything necessary to lead transformational change through open source project-launch blueprinting a global network of self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities. The phase of creation we are in right now is completing all the necessary details for permitting so we can move onto the property and actually demonstrate and open source share the next step: building and operating everything we are finishing the designs for right now. Some aspects of the project have been completed entirely, many are 100s to 1000s of hours into the design process, and some still need to be designed almost entirely. Our weekly progress blog shares everything we are working on and accomplishing and this page discusses our current process including:

  • Time Investment in Global Transformation
  • How We Organize Virtually
  • Current Focus
  • Joining Us
  • Summary
  • FAQ




One Community is a team of regular people creating a path to a completely sustainable planet and a new paradigm of truly fulfilled living for The Highest Good of All. The Pioneer members invest a minimum of 5 hours a week and as long-term contributors to the project. Consultants and Volunteers are expected to invest a minimum of 10 hours a week and usually join as short-term (3-12 months) contributors.



One Community’s visionary team is diverse and located around the world. While we have become in many cases really close friends, our group is not formed from people with pre-existing friendships and associations. Everyone on this team comes from a different walk of life and background drawn together by the shared One Community goal and taking pleasure in the process of its creation. We are a 100% volunteer group and, because we are located in different cities and countries, we organize mostly virtually.

With 10 years of experience we have become experts at using a combination of on-line collaborative spaces and tools for planning and design, organization, and keeping all the developing aspects of One Community moving forward. We meet weekly using weekly Pioneer Team calls as discussion, development, and accountability forums and we get together in “real space” whenever we can.



The One Community team is currently focusing on:

This Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) shows everything needed for us to be ready to begin construction. We estimate completion of these tasks will take about 2 more years. These goals and the action items on the WBS are our top priority because they are needed to:

  • Acquire funding
  • Educate our volunteer construction teams on how to build everything
  • Get permitting and approval of our structures from the county we plan to purchase the property in

In our current phase of development, the ideal funder would be an individual or group willing and capable of funding the complete project. Actively seeking multiple funders, crowdfunding the whole project, etc. have been considered and require sizable time investments that would slow our current focus. Most of the food and housing details we’re focusing on now though are part of a detailed crowdfunding campaign that we’re considering as a backup funding plan. When we’ve completed everything needed to start construction, we’ll then make a decision if we want to focus our energy on other funding options or run this crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness about our project, clarify and confirm a lot of our Phase 1 infrastructure details, and test crowdfunding as an option for funding the rest of the project.



If you or someone you know is considering becoming a One Community Pioneer or consultant/volunteer, the top attributes we feel are important are a solid work ethic, dependability, an ability to think outside the box, and a desire to truly pioneer a new way of experiencing life and making a difference in the interest of The Highest Good of All. Our group is a team that believes the time has come for a completely new model of living and we are creating One Community as the prototype we see as possible and necessary. We are dedicated and accountable and we are creating this in a way we feel everyone has the time to contribute to if they want to.



One Community is an all-volunteer team working on an ever-evolving action list. We are creating everything necessary to lead transformational change through open source project-launch blueprinting a global network of self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities. The phase of creation that we are in right now is arguably the most important phase of the development process and we are organizing mostly virtually because our team is global. We host weekly calls and use online collaborative tools to collaborate and maintain efficiency, productivity, and accountability.



Q: Why are tangible contribution hours so low?

Tangible contribution requirements are low because they are minimums and mandatory for Pioneer Team members. They are also low because we want anyone to be able to participate as a Pioneer Member with us and we respect that our 100% unpaid and volunteer staff has a diversity of other requirements on their time too. Everyone contributes what they can and this amounts to 20-40+ consistent hours every week for some team members and the minimum of 5 consistent hours for others. Once we arrive on the property, each individual will contribute 40 hours to the maintenance and evolution of One Community.

Q: I’m interested in helping, what are you working on now?

Please see our open source page and our weekly progress and accomplishments blog.

Q: How can I get involved in One Community?

Please see our How to Help Overview Page for the diversity of ways to participate.

Q: I’m a student or other individual interested in developing my skills further. Can I still become a Partner, Consultant, or Pioneer?

Yes, please see our How to Help Overview page for links to all our applications.

Q: How long do you think it will be until you are on the property and can start building?

We don’t know. The work needing to be completed before we can actually build though is extensive and our continued focus.

Q: How are you maintaining momentum?

Our team is constantly moving the project forward and further preparing for our build. We enjoy what we’re working on and are all financially and emotionally stable enough to be patient. Please visit our comprehensive and regularly updated Blog for details on everything we are working on right now.

Q: Have you considered starting this in another way?

Yes, we’ve spent extensive time and energy exploring diverse options. Less comprehensive examples of sustainability, sustainability without the right location, and sustainability with a different focus already exist and have, in our opinion, not accomplished our goals. In every case we’ve looked at, they lack one or more of the key components of a complete model. For this reason, we see building anything less than what we are fully capable of, which is the full expression of One Community as detailed throughout this website, as investing energy in a direction that is counterproductive to the direction the world needs to go. This is why we have chosen and are committed to the path we are currently on.

Q: Are you open to exploring other properties?

With over five years invested in this property and relationship building for it, and with a business plan designed around it specifically, we are choosing not to restart this process and invest any energy in any other direction unless this property becomes no longer an option.

Q: What happens if the property becomes unavailable for some reason?

We will start the process over and find a new property.

Q: Have you talked to the property owner about a partnership?

Yes we have, and although this is not an option, the seller is willing to provide seller financing. See our Investor Funding/Options Page for details.