One Community Welcomes Xiao Tan to the Software Development Team!

One Community welcomes Xiao Tan to the Software Development Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant!

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Xiao is a first-year Masters student at the University of Southern California specializing in Communication Data Science. She has a passion for the convergence of technology and business that drives her to create technology-powered products, services, and experiences guided by data-driven decisions. She has a strong foundation in Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Computer Science, and Business and her previous internships at and Bytedance also provided valuable experiences in project management. There she collaborated with cross-functional teams, conducted market research, led feature development, and presented actionable recommendations based on data analysis. These experiences further fueled Xiao’s dedication to data-driven decision-making and inspired their pursuit of a graduate degree in Data Science, with the goal of becoming a proficient project manager in the future. As a member of the One Community Team helping develop the open source Highest Good Network software, Xiao quickly distinguished herself and is now a manager on the PR Review Leadership Team.




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