Why Open Source Sustainable Living Communities – One Community Weekly Progress Update #3

Here’s our sustainable living communities open source project-launch blueprinting update (#3) for the week of March 11, 2013 including updated aquaponics/aquapini drawings, the newest SEGO Center City Hub export, open source Education for Life updates, and more. Also our weekly… Read More

Open Source Education for Life | SEGO Center City Hub | Tropical Dome – One Community Weekly Progress Update #2

Here is our second video blog covering the progress of the week of March 4, 2013 including progress to our open source Education for Life Program, the SEGO Center City Hub, and the Pod 1 facility that will produce tropical food… Read More

Sustainable Lifestyles: SEGO Center and Tropical Dome Updates and Images

In our on-going open source project-launch blueprinting program to promote sustainable lifestyles and create and free-share everything people need to duplicate all aspects of One Community, we met with  Douglas Simms Stenhouse (Architect and Water Color Artist) yesterday for 3 hours to pick… Read More

Village Development Plan – One Community

Our open source village development plan continues to move forward. We made significant progress last week on the Pod 1 (depicted left) Tropical Dome graywater processing plans that are now complete to the point of a 60-page document outlining the design, permitting,… Read More

Village Development Plan: One Community Open Source Infrastructure Update

Karl Harris (Architect Drafter, Designer, and founder of Harris Design & Technology Services) has also completed the first 3D renderings of the SEGO Center City Hub. Here is his initial 3D iteration of the cupola meditation and multi-media center that functions as… Read More

Open Source Sustainable Food Systems Update

We’ve been busy with infrastructure design details! Here are the initial layouts and aquaponics and walipini combination designs called aquapinis. The three walipini food production systems we will demonstrate as Phase I of the One Community self-sustainable food production plan are:… Read More

Center of Peace and Aquaponics Moving Forward

The SEGO Center City Hub and Aquaponics designs continue to move forward! New images are now available on the SEGO Center Details page and the Aquaponics Details page. We’re also happy to announce that we’ve received a lot of new… Read More

Agriculture Sustainability and Seeds – “The Gift,” A 3-Minute Film by Jean-Marc Abela

When it comes to agriculture sustainability, seeds is where it all started – for human civilization and for our daily bread today. Yet so few people are saving seeds these days. Many of us do not even know what the… Read More

A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard – by Roger Doiron

How to grow a revolution in your own backyard? Grow your own food. Join a fast growing number of Americans who are taking back control over their food and what they do with their yards. Transform your unproductive,… Read More

(R)Evolution of the American Dream

The growth of the Occupy Wall Street movement has given us an excellent opportunity to stop and think about where we are, and where we are going. A common statement right now is “end economic slavery” and yet… Read More