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A New Way to Live

We feel the time has come to bring together the forward thinkers and solution focused people of the world to participate, contribute, adapt, and evolve a new way to live that applies a consciousness for The Highest Good of All to physical sustainability (sustainable foodoff-grid energy, and sustainable construction) and fulfilled living practices to make these practices easier, more affordable, and duplicable for everyone. Our approach is a 4-phase strategy for world change founded on open source project-launch blueprinting everything people need to build self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world. We are acting as a non-profit coordinator and hub for people interested in helping us or joining us as we design and demonstrate evolved sustainability components that can be individually or collectively duplicated.







Living in integrity with our planet, ourselves, and each other is a choice and an opportunity. We are already one world and one community. Now it’s time to take our newfound access to infinite information and communication through the internet and use a model to create 100% self-sufficiency so we can bring together the people of the world who recognize our Oneness and are ready to take action and redesign the way we live and experience each day. And in doing so, create a better future for everyone.



Click here for Progress Page with the details of what we are working on right now in relation to these, what we specifically could use help on, and how you can get involved.





For those already traveling in this direction, the path is obvious. Our plan for self-sufficiency and sustainability, living a life of growth and celebration, pledging to higher consciousness values, helping each other, freely sharing what we create, and global collaboration is not new. What is new is the team we have assembled, putting it all together in one place, and making it available to everyone!

Welcome to One Community ~ A New Way to Live



Q: What sets One Community apart from similar projects?

One Community's open source project-launch blueprinting strategy and the fact that we are open sourcing and addressing ALL elements of society simultaneously are a combination unique to our organization. Together, these will help others duplicate what we do and create self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities capable of positively impacting every single person on this planet within one generation.

Q: What sets One Community's open source goals apart from similar projects?

To our knowledge, no other project exists that is providing the comprehensive nature and detail of everything we are open source project-launch blueprinting.

Q: What is the specific One Community short-term goal?

  1. Become a world leader in global-solution information content within 6 months of moving onto the property as detailed in our open source project-launch blueprinting page.
  2. Expand within 5 years to a community of 200 full-time residents producing ongoing tools, resources, and tutorials while hosting thousands of annual visitors as outlined in our long-term vision page.
  3. Define the global-solution industry itself as an open source industry, expanding mainstream awareness, appeal, and desire for comprehensive sustainability by demonstrating and sharing a more attractive and fulfilling way of living that people can have if they desire to create it also.
  4. Teach as many people as possible to duplicate and/or evolve our global transformation model.

Q: What is the ultimate One Community long-term goal?

To transform our world into a sustainable and happier one through teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built all over the world. We will work with these hubs as our open source partners and fellow leaders of the open source, Highest Good of All, and sustainable planet movement leading to a New Golden Age of cooperation, collaboration, innovation, creativity, sustainable living, and increased happiness for the entire human organism.

Q: How are you funding One Community?

We are still seeking funding. Please see our Funding Related Details Page.

Q: Where will One Community be located and why?

Click HERE for property details that include why we have chosen the location we have.

Q: How far is One Community in the creation process?

Visit our progress page for a regularly updated list of our accomplishments and progress. Visit our blog for our on-going mini-updates and weekly summaries of accomplishments and progress.

Q: Why not just build a small-scale prototype home or community that includes a minimum-scale revenue-generating demonstration/operation? Wouldn't this get things going faster?

This small-scale operation already exists as Airbnb. What we see as missing is a complete model for self-sufficiency that is open source and reasonably replicable. Even complete models for self-sufficiency already exist in the form of the many eco-villages out there. What none of those offer though is any sort of understanding and/or path for how average people can replicate them. We also think there isn’t enough of a compelling reason for most people to bother with changing how they live now to engage such a path/project, so our project is purposed to provide and demonstrate that too.

From a total global-change perspective though, we think it is even more important to create a permanent example:

This is why the intended propertyvillage models, social architecture and economic focuses are all big. To support faster and broader implementation, we are also developing everything so it is modular and implementable as individual components. This will allow for anyone who doesn’t desire the full teacher/demonstration hub approach to have options too, but our primary goal is to demonstrate the complete teacher/demonstration hub as easy enough, affordable enough, and attractive enough for average people with average means to want to replicate it and/or use what we provide to build their own version.

Q: If you are giving everything away through open source, how do you intend to make money?

Our model is designed to prosper specifically because we are giving everything away through open source project-launch blueprinting. We accomplish this through eco-tourism marketed with the open source infrastructure we have already created and other supported revenue streams outlined on our revenue streams page. All of this further promotes our model of spreading sustainability and actively promoting and distributing even more open source blueprints for duplication by as many people as possible.

Q: How will this help people in Third World countries and other areas that need resources most?

Using the four-phase strategy above, we wish to demonstrate building a teacher/demonstration community, village, and/or city as profitable for large investors and/or a way for small groups of people to pool what resources they have and get out of debt. We see this spreading and bringing resources to the areas that need them most because building these villages in these areas will be more affordable and easier to do with less building restrictions.

Q: How do you stop the model from being totally capitalized without the positive intent of the original model? 

We are not focused on putting limitations on the use of everything we are creating because of our open source commitment. We will, however, directly support any organization contributing specifically to open source project-launch blueprinting and operating for The Highest Good of All.

Q: Where would I find a more detailed description of how this works?

Please visit our About Us pageMethodology page, and Site Map for more comprehensive descriptions and links to complete details for every aspect of One Community.

Q: What about safety?

We consider a community of 500 people with shared goals and vision more safe than current living models. We think even a group of 50 people working together can handle any reasonable challenge.