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One Community Retiree Member

Anyone at any age that can meet the requirements can become a Community Pioneer with zero financial investment or join One Community through the sponsorship program. Anyone at any age can also become what we designate as a “paid retiree” at One Community and we are planning for the creation of infrastructure for the addition of a small number of these “retirees” that are not members of One Community and instead pay an annual fee to live and participate in the community. The difference between a “paid retiree” (of any age) and a non-paying community member (can also be any age) is that a retiree contributes a reduced number of community hours (20-30) dedicated to activities of their choosing. The details in place thus far are listed below with the rest being decided by consensus once we are closer to completing the necessary infrastructure for this option.



Benefits of being a retiree at One Community are the unique living environment, the healing and supportive nature of One Community, and being a contributing part of something growing and evolving. Just by a person doing whatever it is they like to do (reading stories to children, helping with cooking, gardening, teaching classes, leading nature walks, canning and preserves, music, etc.) they are appreciated because they contribute to our culture and what we offer, enriching the environment for everyone.

This is not to say that everyone over the age of 65 must be a retiree. Anyone, of any age, that is able to meet the requirements of being a Community Member can apply to become a part of One Community through the sponsorship program.  The primary difference between individuals that apply through the sponsorship program and retirees, other than the fact that they are not paying per this page’s structure, is the number and nature of community contribution hours and a less active role in the daily operation and consensus decision making process of One Community.

If the following benefits appeal to you, One Community retirement is a great option:

  • Retirees don’t have to participate in meetings
  • Retirees play a special and honored part at One Community as elders
  • Retirees contribute a reduced number of hours and you choose when to do them and what they entail
  • Retirees live more in the energy of someone retired at One Community rather than someone helping to keep the community running, growing, and expanding

The cost of being a Retiree Member will be priced comparable to national averages for nursing home care and based on the amount the retiree member wishes to participate in One Community through community contribution. Retiree Community Members have two financial options for joining One Community:

$80,000/yr. contribution – 20 hrs. weekly community contribution of your choosing
$60,000/yr. contribution – 30 hrs. weekly community contribution of your choosing

Send us an e-mail if you are someone who might be interested in more information as this option becomes available and we will offer discounts once we have the details of exactly what your living space will look like, other amenities we offer, and when we will be ready to host retirees.



Any One Community Member may retire as well with a $60,000 per year, or more, contribution to One Community through the entrepreneurial model or other means.  Just as with elderly retiree members, community contribution would be reduced to 30 hours and be of your choosing.



Q: What does it mean when you say “anyone can become a paid retiree?”

The model above is actually designed first and foremost for independently wealthy people that might want to join One Community as retirees and know that their financial contribution is facilitating global change. Second it was conceived as a way for community members operating under the entrepreneurial model to achieve retirement if they wanted that. Consideration of this model for retiring seniors was the 3rd reason for its creation because we believe One Community will be developed enough within a few years to provide community contribution options for seniors joining through the sponsorship program.

Q: Does this mean anyone who wants to stop working must pay to retire?

One Community is meant to be a place of participation and people who really enjoy an active lifestyle, desiring to be contributing participants in what we are creating for the entire time they choose to be at One Community. With this in mind, age appropriate community contribution is an expectation and consensus by the Community Pioneers once we get on the property will decide the details of what retirement will look like for both the Pioneers and future members.

Q: What if someone is injured or becomes ill and can’t work?

We will do our best to find other ways that an individual can still be an active and valued part of the community. The specifics of a situation like this will need to be decided through consensus by the Community Pioneers once we get on the property.

Q: Will the property be ADA compliant?

Yes, but we don’t know when. We are designing the Duplicable City Center to be ADA compliant but making the entire property ADA compliant will take much much longer considering there are significant property elevation changes and currently not even infrastructure like stairs or walkways for moving around the property. With everything else that needs to be done, when and what we do to become ADA compliant will need to be decided through consensus by the Community Pioneers once we get on the property.

Q: Are the retirement numbers and details guaranteed to stay as described? 

No, these retirement details are our preliminary plans and the specifics will be evolved by the Pioneer Team through the consensus process a few months before the infrastructure is completed that will make the retirement option available.


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