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Sustainable Partnerships

One Community’s purpose is to be in the front lines of increasing the speed of historic global change towards a comprehensively sustainable and more fulfilling lifestyle for everyone. Consultants and Volunteers with One Community are those individuals and organizations who are helping us by donating time and/or resources to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization and these goals. This page contains links to our applications (click here for the volunteer/consultant application) and answers and details related to the most common questions people interested in partnering or consulting ask us:

We are developing and interested in help in these areas:

Click on each icon to be taken to the corresponding Highest Good hub page.

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Click Here for our General Application Click Here for the Pioneer Member Application Click Here for the Satellite Member Application


The purpose of our non-profit organization and self-sufficient and self-propagating strategy is to create something better for the benefit of the planet, people, industry, and the continued expansion of One Community.

Our goals include a practical and globally transformational shift towards sustainable, fulfilled living in all ways. We are accomplishing this through:


We feel you should first and foremost collaborate/consult/volunteer with One Community because you desire to create with us for The Highest Good of All. Secondary to that, the following areas are specifically designed to support our collaborators and partners and continued achievement of our global goals:

There are three primary areas of One Community that are specifically tailored to promoting our partners and everything that is One Community:

  • Our Comprehensive Outreach Program
  • Comprehensive Expansion Program
  • Comprehensive Approach to Sustainability


Our comprehensive outreach program is designed to grow indefinitely and reach and educate millions about sustainability.

Our open source sharing model will establish us as a world leader in open sourcing and free-sharing sustainability content and resources within 6 months of moving onto the property. Open source sharing in this way is purposed to create mainstream engagement through our:

  1. Demonstrating a better way
  2. Simple roadmaps for duplication
  3. Providing free foundations for getting started
  4. Modeling a lifestyel that allows freeing of people’s financial resources for evolving and changing it all

‣ 30% of One Community will be dedicated to visitors (click here for our residency timeline) so we can further our reach even more. Visitors will receive an education and hands-on experience with the techniques, technologies, and methods developed by us and our volunteers and consultantsWe want people to visit and be surprised by what they learn and what is available, and to be surprised by all that is available that they may not have been aware of before visiting.

‣ We will be operating a scholarship program to bring the most brilliant and motivated minds and ideas to One Community for collaboration and hands-on training.

‣ Lastly, we are also developing two additional internet hubs of resources and related information and services: and These two sites broaden our reach and penetration into sectors that wouldn’t normally be exposed to these concepts and technologies.


Our comprehensive expansion program is purposed for indefinite growth, global contribution, and promotion of One Community and our volunteers and consultants.

‣ Click here for our 5-year residency and visitor projections.

‣ One Community will operate as a permanent prototype and expanding teacher/demonstration city with ongoing education and scholarship programs, and successively more complex sustainability models.

‣ As part of our expansion plans, we also have multiple models for engaging surrounding traditional communities and inviting them (and the rest of the world) into sustainable lifestyle practices too. One of our foundations for this is making these sustainable models more cost effective and convenient.


Our comprehensive approach to sustainability is designed to engage the mainstream by providing an environment and lifestyle most people will want to experience, and then teaching them how to duplicate it. This approach includes:

‣ A city plan to build 7 sustainable village prototypes each with a different eco-sustainable technique and different sustainable materials (See Highest Good Housing Page for more details).

‣ A commitment to showcase more cutting-edge technologies and methodologies than any other existing eco-collaborative as part of our learning process, for The Highest Good of All Culture, and purpose to create maximally duplicable and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities.

‣ A commitment to expanding sustainability concepts to include:

ripples of change, wave of the future, one community, making a difference,


Everything we are doing is purposed for The Highest Good of All and to position One Community and its partners to be at the forefront of one of the most rapidly expanding industries and movements in the world. We feel we are at a time when it couldn’t be more possible, and more needed, to engage the mainstream in awareness and participation in sustainable, fulfilled living. If you are of like-mind and see a future where we can work together, contact us by filling out whichever of the three forms below that applies to you, and let us begin a discussion about how we can work together to improve the future, for everyone, faster and even more.

Click Here for our General Application Click Here for the Pioneer Member Application Click Here for the Satellite Member Application


Q: How do I set up a phone call, Skype, meeting, etc.?

Please complete our short General Application Form and someone will be in contact with you within 2-3 business days.

Q: What kind of partners are you seeking?

We are seeking technology partners, manufacturers, Highest Good of All organizations, philanthropists, humanitarians, skilled tradespeople and consultants, and anyone else who feels they have something positive to contribute to our global change strategy, education program, infrastructure, social architecture, and/or our self-replicating teacher/demonstration model.

One Community