Life in a Day the Film

Life in a Day is a gift; a once in a lifetime opportunity to see life from hundreds of different perspectives across the globe. Life in a Day shows the daily life of people from 192 countries as… Read More

Barefoot College: Solar Technology to the Poor

Bunker Roy grew up in Inda with the most expensive elitist education. After  graduating in 1965 he told his mother he wanted to go work with the poor and see what a village was like. This disapointed her… Read More

Solutions for Desertification: Afforestation/Anti-Desertification Video

In many parts of the world, land once ripe for farming is turning into desert and losing life due to the process of desertification; this is the case in the Niger Republic of Africa. Land desertification is causing… Read More

(R)Evolution of the American Dream 2: Action List

(R)EVOLUTION OF THE AMERICAN DREAM PART 2: ACTION LIST If people can organize into groups of thousands willing to march for freedom, liberty, and the right to a fulfilling and secure life, people can also organize and actually… Read More

(R)Evolution of the American Dream

The growth of the Occupy Wall Street movement has given us an excellent opportunity to stop and think about where we are, and where we are going. A common statement right now is “end economic slavery” and yet… Read More

Creating a Sustainable World through Communities

One Community: The drop in the pond creating ripples of change

We live in a day and age where the technology exists to create a sustainable world that meets the challenges of tomorrow with solutions we can apply today. Why should we do this? Here are some staggering statistics:… Read More

Energetic vs Monetary Exchange

This was figured out by one of our Community Pioneers. “1. If one person contributes 40 hours per week for 50 weeks a year and we were to “pay” them $20/hour, that’s a $40,000 salary. Multiply that by… Read More

Garbage Warrior

Michael Reynolds builds living spaces out of garbage. He takes all of the things that are thrown out locally and turns them into houses. But not only are they houses, they are each unique, beautiful living structures, enviroartistically… Read More


One Community is a non-profit organization that invests every penny of revenue into growing and duplicating our world changing model, education others in creating their own community, and supporting those interested in starting a new life. One Community… Read More

How it Happens

Each community starts by selecting a property based on location and desirability. Locations need to have enough space (30+ acres) to accommodate the complete community, be close enough to a major city for public schooling and medical, and… Read More

One Community