Energy Self-sufficiency Maintenance and Upkeep

Welcome to the Highest Good energy self-sufficiency maintenance and upkeep hub. This page is where we will be posting detailed multi-media tutorials and resources based on our experience maintaining the One Community energy infrastructure and all its components.




Energy Self-sufficiency Maintenance, Care, and Upkeep: Click here to learn how to maintain all components of the One Community energy infrastructureThis page will not thoroughly develop until have completed building the Earthbag Village At that point we will have the on-going maintenance experience necessary to significantly contribute to this page.



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Highest Good energy, green energy, off the grid living, eco-living, going green, sustainable energy Energy self-sufficiency phase-in for 20-400+ people
Solar array cost analysis and implementation details Solar energy research, cost analysis, implementation, and maintenance details
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Heating hot water, hot water heating Sustainable water heating open source hub
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Duplicable City Center Eco-Kitchen (click image for the complete page) Eco-kitchen research and design
Duplicable City Center Lighting, Eco-lighting, LEED Platinum lighting Duplicable City Center Electrical Planning and Design Details
Duplicable City Center internet and WIFI icon, remote internet setup, accessing the web remotely, eco-village internet, sustainable community internet setup, One Community How to install and maintain internet and a WiFi network for an off-grid city center
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food forest, growing food, great food, natural food, open source food, One Community food, Canopy, Understory, Vines, Shrubs, Herbs, Groundcover, Root Crops, Edge Plantings, organic food, delicious food, botanical garden, grow your own food Complete outdoor planting plans
Hoop House Open Source Hub Icon Hoop house creation and application
Heating and Cooling Icon Detailed Earthbag Village heating and cooling research, plans, and adaptations
earthbag materials costs, straw bale materials costs, eco-materials, green materials, building materials, where to get materials, construction materials, earthship materials, sustainable materials, subterranean construction materials, architecture materials, eco-materials, tree-house materials, earthblock materials, earth block materials, building with earth, building with straw, sustainable materials, Highest Good materials, sourcing materials, buying materials Detailed earthbag village materials list and cost analysis for all components
open source equipment, sourcing equipment, what equipment you need, eco-equipment selection, Highest Good equipment, tools and equipment, earthbag tools and equipment, straw bale tools and equipment, cob tools and equipment, earth block tools and equipment, green tools and equipment, earthship tools and equipment Detailed earthbag village tools and equipment list, best place to buy, and cost analysis for all components
building time needs, time investment, build times, time to build, earthbag build time investment, straw bale build times, eco build times, sustainable build times, green building, labour evaluation, labour investment, labour input, labor requirements, labor input, time for building Detailed earthbag village build-time investment needs for each component based on our building experience
Thermostatic Mixing Valve Icon, Thermostatic Valve Icon Shower Energy-Saving Measures: Thermostatic Mixing Valves
Sketchup Trees, Sketchup plants, how to use sketchup Sketchup 3-D plant and tree tutorial for designing your own 3-D landscapes



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