One Community Thanks Henrique Ferreira For Being a Part of the Electrical Team

One Community is happy to feature and thank Henrique Ferreira as our most recent member of the Electrical Team. Henrique spent the last two months working on the Control Systems and lighting design for the Duplicable City Center and the 7 Sustainable Village Models.

Henrique Ferreira - Bachelors of Science and Technology and 4th-year Electrical Engineering Student

Bachelors of Science and Technology and 4th-year Electrical Engineering Student: Henrique is a dedicated student and demonstrates communication skills and teamwork combined with hard work and determination to achieve his goals. During his graduation, he worked with active suspension systems during one year using Matlab/Simulink and he became involved in volunteer activities such as Campus Party Brazil in the digital inclusion area. He composed the board of the representative organization of the students at his university in Brazil and he contributed as a teacher’s assistant in two courses. Henrique has knowledge and experience with important softwares like Matlab, Solidworks, Multisim, PSPICE, and Java. He believes that it is possible to build a better world for future generations and he is willing to do his part to see this dream come true, not only contributing to the creation of a self-sustainable model city, but also to change people’s way of thinking. As a member of the One Community Intern Team, Henrique worked with the Control Systems and lighting design team on the Duplicable City Center and the 7 Sustainable Village Models.


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