One Community Thanks Manassés Santos For Being A Part of the Graphic Design Team

One Community is happy to feature and thank Manassés Santos as our most recent member of the Graphic Design Team. Manassés spent the last two months working on the definition, selection, complete design, and presentation of a possible new logo for One Community as well as leading the design and development of a complete presentation of all seven villages.

Manassés Santos - 4th-year Graphic Design Student

4th-year Graphic Design Student: During his senior year at the University of Bahia (UNEB), in Brazil, Manassés received the opportunity to continue his education at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Manassés has always been passionate about self improvement and the learning process and was excited to participate. With a desire to create positive change, Manassés believes that all knowledge is worthless if it cannot be used in a way that benefits people and transforms the world into a better place. His keen interest in exploring different subjects of Design influenced him to spend many hours learning Design Theory and mastering different tools and techniques used in the industry. Manassés has experience with software such as Photoshop, Illustrator InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Rhinoceros. Additionally, experiences such as being a member of the Academic Center of Design at UNEB, and being a volunteer in the SCAD Alternative Spring Break 2015, allowed him to improve his skills in communication, teamwork, project management and illustration. As a member of the One Community team, Manassés led the design for development of a complete presentation of all seven villages.


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