One Community Welcomes Ana Carolina to the Design Team

One Community is happy to feature and thank Ana Carolina as our most recent member of the Design Team! Ana Carolina has spent the last two months working on the details of the Tree House Village function and design.

Ana Carolina Salomao Faria – 3rd-year Industrial Design and Service Design Student

3rd-year Industrial Design and Service Design Student: Ana is an undergraduate student from Fluminense Federal University in Brazil where she is studying Industrial Design. She is also a part of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Study Abroad Program where she has been exploring a broad diversity of topics about design and its possibilities through SCAD Savannah College of Art and Design coursework in Service Design. Through her independent research, initiative, and self-motivation, Ana has developed a fascination with the service design area and its in-depth approach to user-centered deliverables. Through the process of developing methods that enable the service experience to be user-centered, Ana has learned to combine industrial design and service design to produce universal design. It is this universal design where Ana feels she can truly describe herself throughout all her projects. This means combining the study of people and social participation and its systems into an integrative environment. Applying this passion, Ana developed an academic project called Interactive Recycle Bin that was an O Globo Finalist in the Design Competition Rio. Ana knows design is not just about solving problems, it is also about problem finding and designing to redefine problems to arrive at better solutions and outcomes. With this in mind, and a philosophy that “successful design outcomes come from active participation of users and a deep understanding of the problem requiring a solution, even to the extent of re-framing the problem itself,” Ana joined the One Community team working on the specific short and long-term benefits of living in a sustainable home and/or community like the Earthbag village. She spent the last two months diligently working on the details of the Tree House Village function and design.


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