One Community Welcomes Fernando Carvalho to the Mechanical Engineering Team

One Community is happy to feature and thank Fernando Carvalho as our most recent member of the Mechanical Engineering Team! Fernando has spent the last two months working on the heat exchanger details for the City Center laundry and Earthbag Village showers.

Fernando Carvalho – 4th-year Mechanical Engineering Student

4th-year Mechanical Engineering Student: Fernando is an international student from Brazil’s Scientific Mobility Program, a study abroad program developed by the Brazilian government. He is a student at Federal Technological University of Paraná, now studying at California State University, Long Beach. Fernando speaks three languages, including Portuguese (native), English (advanced) and Spanish (advanced). During college, he participated in two projects: one as tutor for one semester helping students who were taking Mechanics of Solids 2 classes, and the other project as a volunteer (called BAJA SAE) for one year where he participated in the calculations and design of a transmission project for an off-road car. During those years at university and participating in these projects, Fernando developed skills such as teamwork, dedication, communication and organization. Fernando is excited to be working with One Community to implement the knowledge he has acquired over the years with the vision that sustainability becomes something more present in people’s daily lives. He is doing this applying his knowledge in thermodynamics and heat transfer to design and calculate heat recapture systems for the Earthbag Village and Duplicable City Center.


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