Launching a Global Renaissance – One Community Weekly Progress Update #544

One Community is launching a global renaissance, and we are excited to share our journey with a global audience. As an all-volunteer organization, we are dedicated to implementing sustainable approaches to foodenergyhousingeducationfor-profit and non-profit economic designsocial architecturefulfilled living. With a commitment to “The Highest Good of All,” we proudly embrace open sourcing and free sharing the complete process as a path to evolving sustainability, practicing global stewardship, and actively regenerating our planet.

Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544


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One Community’s physical location will forward this movement as the first of many self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built around the world. This is the August 21st, 2023 edition (#544) of our weekly progress update detailing our team’s development and accomplishments:


Launching a Global Renaissance
One Community Progress Update #544





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Highest Good housing, cob construction, earthbag construction, straw bale construction, earthship construction, subterranean construction, sustainable homes, eco-homesOne Community is launching a global renaissance through Highest Good housing that is artistic and beautiful, more affordable, more space efficient, lasts longer, DIY buildable, and constructed with healthy and sustainable materials:

This week, Vidhi Bansal (3D Visualization Artist) completed another week of assisting with Earthbag Village. Vidhi concentrated on the 4 dome flythrough project, primarily engaging in character sourcing and skeleton rigging for animation requirements. The rigging process involved a two-step validation of bone and joint movements for accuracy. Following this, she advanced to creating keyframe animations using the established control rig system. Additionally, Vidhi focused on producing animations for diverse actions such as walking, sitting, talking, conversing on the phone, and gesturing. See below for some of the pictures.

Earthbag Village, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, Vidhi Bansal, 3D Visualization Artist, Earthbag Village, dome flythrough project, character sourcing, skeleton rigging, animation requirements, bone and joint movements, keyframe animations, control rig system, diverse actions, walking, sitting, talking, conversing on the phone, gesturing, pictures.



duplicable city center, open source city hub, laundry, dining, swimming pool, hot tub, kitchen, library, game roomOne Community is launching a global renaissance through a Duplicable and Sustainable City Center that is LEED Platinum certified/Sustainable, can feed 200 people at a time, provide laundry for over 300 people, is beautiful, spacious, and saves resources, money, and space:

This week, Amiti Singh (Architectural Designer) completed the design and modeling of a visitor room for the Duplicable City Center. Amiti advanced the development of the retro-themed visitor room in Duplicable City. She refined the room’s final aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the Renaissance of art and architecture as interpreted by contemporary artists from that era. Amiti carried out tasks encompassing wall and furniture design, color curation, and paint palette selection. Furthermore, she concluded the design model, encapsulating the authentic essence of the 1990s retro movement. See below the pictures.

Duplicable City Center, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, Amiti Singh, Volunteer Architectural Designer, visitor room design, Duplicable City Center, retro-themed visitor room, Duplicable City, aesthetic refinement, Renaissance inspiration, contemporary artists, wall and furniture design, color curation, paint palette selection, design model, 1990s retro movement, pictures.

Julio Marín Bustillos (Mechanical Engineer) completed another week of assisting with the City Center Dome Hub Connector Engineering. Julio successfully finished constructing the hub connectors for the complete third row. Looking ahead, he commenced the design phase of hub connectors for the fourth row. He envisions the potential for increased uniformity in these designs, which could result in more streamlined design processes through repeated nodes. Nonetheless, if the designs do not achieve uniformity, Julio expects a time investment comparable to that of the third row’s connectors. The pictures below provide a glimpse of the images.

City Center Dome Hub Connector Engineering, Launching a Global Renaissance, One community Weekly Progress Update #544, Julio Marín Bustillos, Mechanical Engineer, City Center Dome Hub Connector Engineering, hub connectors, third row, design phase, fourth row, uniformity, streamlined design processes, repeated nodes, time investment, pictures.

Ranran Zhang (Architectural Design) completed another week working on the updated video for the Duplicable City Center internal and external walkthrough. Ranran effectively resolved issues associated with the Lumion model. She conducted a comprehensive review and corrective process for the animations of all characters within the model, ensuring their movements adhered to a uniform and lifelike trajectory. Furthermore, she endeavored to identify and address the challenge of the underground area being obscured by the ground. Take a look at the images below to see some of the progress made in this work.

Duplicable City Center, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, Ranran Zhang, Architectural Designer, updated video, Duplicable City Center, internal walkthrough, external walkthrough, Lumion model, animations, characters, uniform movements, lifelike trajectory, underground area, ground obscuring, progress images.



sustainable food, best practice food, sustainable food systems, aquaponics, walipini, aquapini, zen aquapini, One Community, open source food, free-shared architecture, sustainable living, green living, eco living, living ecologically, for The Highest Good of All, transforming the world, grow your own food, build your own greenhouse in the ground, ground greenhouse, open source architecture, architects of the future, sustainability non-profit, 501c3 organization, sustainable life, water catchment, organic food, food anywhere, maximum food diversity, build your own farmers market, sustainability cooperative, sustainable living group, open source, sustainability nonprofit, free-shared plans, teacher/demonstration village, open source project-launch blueprinting, One Community UpdateOne Community is launching a global renaissance through Highest Good food that is more diverse, more nutritious, locally grown and sustainable, and part of our open source botanical garden model to support and share bio-diversity:

This week, the core team continued our review of the open-source Highest Good Food designs. We conducted edits on the Food Infrastructure Rollout document up to page 38. The document encompasses a range of subjects pertaining to food production, such as orchard resurrection, food forest establishment, hugelkultur construction, transition kitchen setup, and the introduction of diverse farm animals. We executed revisions in the segments concerning bees, chickens, rabbits, rabbit harvesting, and goats. Furthermore, we carried out edits in the sections pertaining to the stock pond, food forest, fuel storage, and maintenance building. See the pictures below that are related to this.

Highest Good Food, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, Core team, open-source designs, Highest Good Food, review, Food Infrastructure Rollout document, page 38, food production, orchard resurrection, food forest establishment, hugelkultur construction, transition kitchen setup, diverse farm animals, revisions, bees, chickens, rabbits, rabbit harvesting, goats, stock pond, fuel storage, maintenance building, related pictures.

And Gregory Quach (Data Enterer for Chef/Culinary) continued working on the Transition Kitchen, finalizing the PDFs and subsequently resuming work on the recipe sheets. He dedicated his efforts to Google Sheets tasks. He performed an extensive evaluation of the Transition Kitchen Recipe Build Out project, with specific attention to integrating an aggregate function for streamlined column addition. Presently, Gregory’s focus revolves around refining the functionality of this function, recognizing the possibility of incorporating variables to effectively handle data sets concerning quantities and grocery prices. See the images below for some of his work.

Transition Kitchen, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, Gregory Quach, Data Enterer, Chef/Culinary, Transition Kitchen, PDF finalization, recipe sheets, Google Sheets tasks, evaluation, Recipe Build Out project, aggregate function, column addition, functionality refinement, variables incorporation, data sets, quantities, grocery prices, work images.



One Community school, One Community education, teaching strategies for life, curriculum for life, One Community, transformational education, open source education, free-shared education, eco-education, curriculum for life, strategies of leadership, the ultimate classroom, teaching tools for life, for the highest good of all, Waldorf, Study Technology, Study Tech, Montessori, Reggio, 8 Intelligences, Bloom's Taxonomy, Orff, our children are our future, the future of kids, One Community kids, One Community families, education for life, transformational livingOne Community is launching a global renaissance through Highest Good education that is for all ages, applicable in any environment, adaptable to individual needs, far exceeds traditional education standards, and more fun for both the teachers and the students. This component of One Community is about 95% complete with only the Open Source School Licensing and Ultimate Classroom construction and assembly details remaining to be finished. With over 8 years of work invested in the process, the sections below are all complete until we move onto the property and continue the development and open sourcing process with teachers and students – a development process that is built directly into the structure of the education program and everything else we’re creating too:

This week, Brian Muigai Mwaniki (Structural Engineer) completed work helping with The Ultimate Classroom. Brian carried out a comprehensive truss design verification for the roof, focusing on both structural soundness and alignment with applicable codes and standards. The task entailed precise evaluation of load-bearing capabilities, stress dispersion, and overall stability. Thorough calculations were executed to substantiate the design’s appropriateness, with adjustments implemented as needed to attain optimal functionality. Brian’s methodical evaluation aids the advancement of the project and the affirmation of a secure and dependable roof framework. Additionally, this encompassed the conversion of SketchUp renders into DWG files for the purpose of rechecking the roof angles. See below for pictures related to this work.

Ultimate Classroom, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, Brian Muigai, Structural Engineer, Ultimate Classroom, truss design verification, roof, structural soundness, codes and standards alignment, load-bearing capabilities, stress dispersion, overall stability, calculations, design appropriateness, adjustments, optimal functionality, methodical evaluation, project advancement, secure and dependable roof framework, SketchUp renders, DWG files, roof angles, related pictures.



a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving lifeOne Community is launching a global renaissance through a Highest Good society approach to living that is founded on fulfilled living, the study of meeting human needsCommunity, and making a difference in the world:

This week, the core team completed 64 hours managing One Community volunteer-work review not included above, emails, social media accounts, web development, new bug identification and bug-fix integration for the Highest Good Network software, and interviewing and getting set up new volunteer team members. The pictures below show some of this work.

Core Team, One Community volunteer work, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, Volunteer Work Management, Core Team Productivity, Social Media Account Management, Web Development Updates, Bug Identification and Integration, Highest Good Network Software, New Volunteer Team Onboarding, Team Member Interviewing, Weekly Work Review, Project Progress Pictures

This week, another core team engaged in HGN PRs testing, focusing on a comprehensive review and validation process. Six PRs were reviewed and marked as fixed and one as partially fixed. Meanwhile, issues persist in the following areas: a retested bug that concerns the appearance of the Edit button instead of the Suggestion button for managers/mentors when modifying tasks; a case where the owner user encounters difficulties accessing the Suggestion window through the “Suggestions” icon within the Dashboard icons section. In addition to the PR testing, she carried out several tasks, which encompassed the elimination of all Blue Squares assigned due to application malfunctions in relation to Weekly Summary reports, successful testing of a segment of PR#1001 related to link input functionality, the commencement of testing for PR#949 with the creation of a manager account (though the testing was not completed due to a new bug), and the reporting of a bug following the most recent HGN application update on the main platform, resulting in the absence of a logout menu. The image below shows this work.

Core Team, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, HGN PR Testing, Core Team Engagement, Comprehensive Review Process, Bug Identification and Resolution, Dashboard Icon Navigation, Application Malfunction Solutions, Link Input Functionality Testing, Manager Account Creation, Bug Reporting and Updates, Weekly Summary Reports

Jin Hua (Web and Graphic Designer) identified and helped us fix issues with our website and did further research into RankMath. This will help the SEO of our entire website. The pictures below show some of this work.

Highest Good Network software, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update 544, Jin Hua, Web and Graphic Designer, website issues, RankMath research, SEO improvement, entire website, pictures, work, website optimization, SEO fixes, RankMath implementation

Megan Morelli (Funding Research and Acquisition) helped with the Highest Good Fundraising Research and Acquisition. This week, Megan diligently advanced her work on the grant proposal template and made further progress on the grant writing course offered by Candid learning. She successfully crafted a preliminary version of the statement of need and project description, encompassing the rollout strategy, forthcoming fundraising endeavors, and anticipated cash flow post-construction. Megan also undertook the task of identifying and prioritizing foundations with a focus on ecoliving or intentional communities, with the intent of establishing collaborative partnerships and seeking guidance on potential funding sources. During the week, she initiated communication with two foundations. Below are some pictures of her work.

Highest Good Network software, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update 544, Megan Morelli, Funding Research, Acquisition, Highest Good Fundraising Research, Grant Proposal Template, Grant Writing Course, Candid Learning, Statement of Need, Project Description, Rollout Strategy, Fundraising Endeavors, Anticipated Cash Flow, Post-construction, Identifying Foundations, Prioritizing Foundations, Ecoliving, Intentional Communities, Collaborative Partnerships, Guidance on Funding Sources, Communication with Foundations, Blog Media

This week, the Administration Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Jamie and includes Alyx Parr (Senior Support Specialist and Manager), Jamie Cruz (Administrative Assistant and Team Manager), and Olawunmi Ijisesan (Administrative and Management Support). Alyx ensured the accuracy of feedback provided to team members and undertook the creation of collages, alongside editing summaries for the blog. She embarked on learning the setup process for the PR Team within the blog framework, and although she attempted to review PRs, comprehension became elusive at a certain point. Simultaneously, Jamie honed her skills in crafting team collages, successfully integrating them into the website seamlessly. Her adeptness was further demonstrated through the meticulous migration of team summaries onto the webpage, reflecting her adept understanding of tailored summary and collage formats designed for the site’s context. Additionally, Ola efficiently completed her designated tasks, contributing to the seamless upload of all team members’ profiles along with their corresponding summaries and images onto the platform. She adeptly generated and compiled collage images, significantly enhancing the visual appeal of the weekly website blog. Ola also committed time to an in-depth review of her colleagues’ work, Alyx and Jamie, offering valuable insights through her comments. Moreover, she actively pursued professional growth by engaging with a tutorial and incorporating received feedback to elevate her skill set. The collage below shows some of this work.

Admin, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, Administration Team Summary, Highest Good Network Software, Team Collaboration and Strategy, Collage Creation and Integration, Blog Framework Setup, Unit Testing and Code Coverage, PR Review and Evaluation, Task Solution and Collaboration, Recurring Update Issue Investigation, Tailored Summary Formats


Blue Steel Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Nathan and includes Bada Kim (Full Stack Software Developer), Carl Bebli (Software Developer), Eduardo Varjao (Frontend Developer), Haohui Lin (Software Engineer)Kurtis Ivey (Full Stack Developer), Lawrence Chua (Full Stack Software Developer), Lucile Tronczyk (Full Stack Software Developer), Nathan Hoffman (Software Engineer and Team Manager), Oleksandr Riazantsev (Project Management Advisor)Yongjian Pan (React.js/MongoDB Full Stack Software Developer), and Yubo Sun (Full Stack Software Developer). This week, several key tasks were undertaken by the team members. Nathan’s focus was on enhancing communication by compiling combined summaries and images, as well as reviewing the team’s progress and addressing merge conflicts and minor bugs for PR 931. They actively collaborated with Oleksandr to investigate and resolve the profile roll-back bug. The performance issue related to the slow loading and freezing of Team Member Tasks was resolved by transitioning from the I tag and ReactToolTip to FontAwesomeIcon, resulting in significant performance improvements. Haohui dedicated time to becoming well-acquainted with the app’s functionality and meticulously reviewed multiple pull requests. Kurtis focused on various tasks, including the investigation of a blue square issue and the review of several pull requests, documenting bugs and optimizations. Lawrence concentrated on enhancing data security, managing merged pull requests, and addressing issues highlighted by reviewers. Lucile delved into adding an interactive map displaying member locations, exploring various API options and strategies. Yubo reviewed team members’ summaries, resolved a bug related to Dropbox links, and successfully merged PR #1132. Oleksandr conducted thorough testing and review of multiple pull requests, contributing to codebase comprehension. Eduardo conducted comprehensive reviews on both frontend and backend pull requests, providing valuable feedback and ensuring functionality. These collective efforts demonstrate the team’s commitment to enhancing the project and fostering a collaborative environment. This work is displayed in the collage below.

Blue Steel, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, Blue Steel Team Summary, Highest Good Network Software, Team Collaboration and Contributions, Software Development Tasks, PR Review and Bug Resolution, Performance Improvement Strategies, Data Security Enhancement, Interactive Map Integration, Codebase Testing and Review, Collaborative Project Enhancement


Expressers Team’s summary this week, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Tim Kent (Full Stack Software Engineer) and includes Aaron Persaud (Software Developer), Olga Yudkin (Software Engineer), and Yuri Andrade (Software Engineer). This week, Aaron successfully completed the “Create NEW USER function, if blue square added, delete and send special email” task by implementing a function within the timelog modal that updates a user’s start date when they first log time. He put all the functionality related to the “Start Date” field from the “Create New User” popup into a new branch and subsequently initiated frontend and backend pull requests for review. He provided support to users encountering challenges during pull request testing and conducted testing and approval for PR1130, identifying a bug in timelog date entry edits that affected the range display. Yuri conducted multiple code reviews for PR1129, PR1127, PR1121, PR1123, PR1116, PR470, and PR1111, addressing various enhancements and corrections in the HGN software, encompassing tasks such as button badge assignment, user badge amount modification, task detail update error resolution, earned badge date correction, and Dropbox link updates. Olga conducted final reviews of PR#1116 and corresponding BE PR#470, assessed HGN’s unit testing guide, requirements, and code coverage, collaborated on a unit testing plan, engaged in discussions about task fixes, and investigated the recurring update of savedTangibleHours array. The collage below shows some of this work.

Expresser, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update #544, Expressers Team Summary, Highest Good Network Software, Software Issue Resolutions, Task Implementation and Functionality, Frontend and Backend Pull Requests, Code Reviews and Enhancements, Unit Testing and Code Coverage, Bug Identification and Resolution, Collaborative Task Fixes, Timelog Data Updates


Graphic Design’s summary was managed by Alyx Parr (Senior Support Specialist) and includes Ashlesha Navale (Graphic Designer). This week, Ashlesha undertook the task of crafting Social Media and YouTube Preview/Intro Images for a series of blogs, specifically, #713, 714,715, 716,717, 718, 719 and 720. In parallel, she conducted meticulous research and curation efforts, resulting in a diverse collection of nature-inspired background visuals as well as various thematic images. These resources are intended for the purpose of enhancing future Social Media and YouTube Preview/Intro Images. The pictures below exemplify this work.

Highest Good Network software, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update 544, Graphic Design, summary, Alyx, Ashlesha Navale, Graphic Designer, Social Media, YouTube Preview, Intro Images, blogs, nature-inspired background visuals, thematic images, curation efforts, enhancing, future images


Moonfall Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Xiao Tan and includes Abdelmounaim “Abdel” Lallouache (Software Developer), Cheng-Yun Chuang (Software Engineer) Edwin Estuardo Lau Mack (Software Engineer), Jianjun Luo (Software Engineer), Tzu-Ning “Leo” Chueh (Software Engineer), Xiao Tan (Volunteer and Team Manager), Yihan Liu (Software Engineer), Zijie “Cyril” Yu (Volunteer Software Engineer), and Zubing Guo (Software Engineer). The team members contributed to various aspects of the project. Zijie focused on bug fixes, resolving issues such as correcting the “total remaining hours” column after task deletion and actively participating in code reviews. Tzu Ning dedicated time to reviewing and testing pull requests, diligently ensuring the functionality of various features and providing testing records. Jianjun successfully addressed errors in a previous badge task, performed a thorough code review, and began implementing a user profile image update cron job. Cheng-Yun diligently reviewed numerous pull requests, tested cron jobs, and investigated discrepancies in testing outcomes. Edwin focused on reviewing pull requests and enhancing the HGN application’s frontend, particularly refining user permissions. Abdelmounaim took charge of enhancing the user management table and implemented features related to time-off requests, including reducers and thunks. Xiao provided comprehensive feedback on various pull requests, managed team tasks, and worked on dashboard consistency. Zubing skillfully integrated the “Write it for me” button into the summary page by restructuring backend and frontend code, alongside in-depth research on the ChatGPT API. Yihan addressed issues with buttons and implemented features like the “select featured” button and editable team codes with code and color filtering functionalities. Look below for a collage of their work.

Highest Good Network software, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update 544, Moonfall Team, Highest Good Network software, Abdelmounaim Lallouache, Cheng-Yun Chuang, Edwin Estuardo Lau Mack, Jianjun Luo, Tzu-Ning Chue, Xiao Tan, Yihan Liu, Zijie Yu, Zubing Guo, bug fixes, code reviews, feature functionality, user profile image update, frontend enhancement, user management, time-off requests, dashboard consistency, "Write it for me" button, ChatGPT API, button issues, select featured, editable team codes, collage

Reactonaut Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Eduardo and includes Carl Bebli (Software Developer), Eduardo Horta (Software Engineer and Team Manager), Induja Kanchisamudram (Developer), Jacky Li (Software Engineer), Jiangwei Shi (Full Stack Engineer), Masasa Thapelo (Software Engineer), Nida Zaki (Software Engineer), Shantanu Kumar (Full Stack Software Developer), Shihao Xiong (Software Engineer), Shivansh Sharma (Software Developer), Shrey Jain (Software Engineer), Vansh Patel (Software Engineer), and Zuhang Xu (Software Engineer). This week, Eduardo took measures to enhance the mobile interface of the reports page, delved deep into the bug involving moving summaries, pinpointed a significant event on Sentry, and scrutinized PRs consolidated on July 22. He diligently offered feedback to team members, activated a Cron Job to understand moving summaries better, and bolstered team Masasa and Shihao, with their development endeavors. The week also saw him steering a meeting concentrated on an immediate bug, the essence of end-of-week reporting, and performance intricacies. Shihao played a pivotal role in crafting HighestGoodNetworkApp#1121 to counteract a bug, inaugurated a ‘date added’ column, made alterations to the database schema, and paved the way for a script tailored for database updating. Carl, in partnership with Eduardo and Oleksandr, unraveled the “weekly summary bug” by navigating the cron job file, co-facilitated a meeting, and meticulously perused multiple pull requests. Induja worked on the task of updating Dropbox file links within the weekly summary update page. They addressed two specific use cases to enhance functionality. In the first case, she ensured that if the media files link is integrated by an administrator during setup, it remains unalterable on the weekly summary update page, becoming clickable and redirecting users to the media files. Masasa, navigating both segments of the app, mainly cast his gaze on its frontend, immersing himself in an array of pull requests. Jacky undertook a comprehensive review of 12 pull requests, laying his emphasis on the frontend, and invested time in understanding the Highest Good Network Phase 2 Documentation, gearing up for the impending phase. Shivansh continued his task of investigating and rectifying a bug related to the custom email functionality for Core Team members when they fail to fulfill their designated hours within the app. Jiangwei made strides in incorporating the “task tab time log format” consistently across time log tabs and set forth a pull request soliciting feedback. Shantanu executed extensive PR examinations, greenlighting the majority, and spotlighted certain concerns in comments for some. Shrey tackled a bug in HighestGoodNetworkApp pertinent to the time entry spectrum and revisited PR#980. Vansh embarked on testing and critiquing numerous pull requests, pinpointing nuances, and championing best practices. Wrapping up, Zuhang Xu pored over the software codebase, culminating in four PR analyses, and stumbled upon challenges with PR 1111 and PR 1103, with his scrutiny poised to conclude on the outstanding PRs. Look below for pictures of this work.

Highest Good Network software, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update 544, Highest Good Network software, software developer, software engineer, bug fixing, mobile interface, database schema, pull requests, weekly summary update, media files link, frontend review, custom email functionality, time log tabs, task tab time log format, PR analysis, software codebase, development endeavors


Skye’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Yiyun and includes, Bailey Mejia (Software Engineer), Hector Agudelo-Carmona (Front-end Developer), Luis Arevalo (Front End Developer). This week, Hector worked on replicating Jae’s setup to investigate a performance bug that transformed intangible actions into tangible outcomes. However, Hector faced significant challenges as the application consistently displayed unresponsiveness, crashing upon any attempted interaction. These disruptions impeded task execution due to unreliable loading and frequent crashes. Persistent efforts included in-depth code analysis and integrating the latest updates, but the freezing issue persisted. Further testing revealed ongoing loading and interaction complications, particularly beyond the dashboard. The investigation expanded to identify un-mounted elements contributing to performance degradation, concluding the week with sustained efforts to pinpoint the root cause affecting application stability and performance. See the collage below for their work.

Highest Good Network software, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update 544, Highest Good Network software, software engineer, front-end developer, performance bug, tangible outcomes, application stability, code analysis, loading complications, interaction issues, dashboard, investigation, root cause, application performance, collage


The PR Review Team’s summary covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Shaurya Sareen (Administrative Assistant). This week’s active members of this team were: Anish Pandita (Software Engineer)Chirayu Rai (Software Engineer)Jahanzaib Malik (Software Engineer)John Ifeanyi Omeokwe (Software Engineer)Kurtis Ivey (Software Engineer)Kavya Alla (Software Engineer)Mohit Bali (Software Engineer)Mike – Munkh Erdene Erdenebulgan (Full Stack Developer)Palak Gosalia (Software Engineer)Savio Mendes (Software Engineer), and Yi Lin (Software Engineer). They reviewed all the Highest Good Network PRs (Pull Requests) shared in this week’s update. The collage below shows a compilation of the work from this team.

Highest Good Network software, Launching a Global Renaissance, One Community Weekly Progress Update 544, image: pull request, PR review, PR review team, software team, software development, Highest Good Network, Highest Good society, One Community, MERN Stack, software engineering, MongoDB, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, open source software



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