Using Natural Systems of Recovery – One Community Weekly Progress Update #545

One Community is focused on using natural systems of recovery as we pioneer sustainable approaches to foodenergyhousingeducationfor-profit and non-profit economic designsocial architecturefulfilled living. Our innovative model is designed to become self-replicating, inspiring a global network of teacher/demonstration hubs. Embracing the principle of “The Highest Good of All,” we are dedicated to open sourcing and free sharing the complete process.

Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545


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One Community’s physical location will forward this movement as the first of many self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built around the world. This is the August 28th, 2023 edition (#545) of our weekly progress update detailing our team’s development and accomplishments:


Using Natural Systems of Recovery
One Community Progress Update #545




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Highest Good housing, cob construction, earthbag construction, straw bale construction, earthship construction, subterranean construction, sustainable homes, eco-homesOne Community is using natural systems of recovery through Highest Good housing that is artistic and beautiful, more affordable, more space efficient, lasts longer, DIY buildable, and constructed with healthy and sustainable materials:

This week, Loza Ayehutsega (Civil Engineer/Assistant Civil Engineer) completed another week of assisting with Earth Dam Design and construction for Water Retention, Pond, and lake Creation. Loza incorporated a new section into the report document, focusing on dam safety programs. A Dam Safety inspection program involves a methodical assessment of dam conditions to ensure their safety. The overarching goal of such programs is disaster prevention through the proactive identification and mitigation of potential risks. Successful implementation requires close collaboration among various stakeholders, including government entities, dam proprietors, engineers, and the general public. The primary aim is to safeguard both the integrity of the structures themselves and the downstream communities they impact. Take a look at the pictures below to get a glimpse of this work.

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Venus Abdollahi (Architectural Designer) helped with the Earthbag Village 4-Dome cluster designs. Her contributions involved refining the 3D model and identifying three notable discrepancies between the 3D and 2D files. The provided images offer visual insights into the work undertaken. See the pictures below.

Earthbag Village, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Venus Abdollahi, Architectural Designer, Earthbag Designs Village, 4-Dome cluster Designs, 3D Model Refinement, Discrepancies Identification, Visual Insights, Images, Earthbag Construction, Sustainable Architecture, Design Refinement, Architectural Contributions.

Vidhi Bansal (3D Visualization Artist) completed another week of assisting with Earthbag Village. Vidhi dedicated her efforts to the 4 Dome flythrough project, focusing on character animations and optimization within Unreal Engine. She strategically positioned animated characters in the scene, meticulously refining their gestures using Unreal Engine’s sequencer to align with the environmental and interpersonal context. Vidhi also prioritized project performance by implementing Levels Of Detail for foliage elements, effectively minimizing detail at greater distances. Additionally, she undertook optimization tasks in lighting systems to ensure efficient project performance. See below for some of the pictures.

Earthbag Village, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Vidhi Bansal, 3D Visualization Artist, Earthbag Village project, 4 Dome flythrough, character animations, Unreal Engine optimization, strategic character positioning, Unreal Engine sequencer, gesture refinement, environmental context alignment, interpersonal context alignment, Levels Of Detail, foliage elements optimization, lighting systems optimization, project performance, visual progress updates.



duplicable city center, open source city hub, laundry, dining, swimming pool, hot tub, kitchen, library, game roomOne Community is using natural systems of recovery through a Duplicable and Sustainable City Center that is LEED Platinum certified/Sustainable, can feed 200 people at a time, provide laundry for over 300 people, is beautiful, spacious, and saves resources, money, and space:

This week, Amiti Singh (Architectural Designer) completed the design and modeling of a visitor room for the Duplicable City Center. Amiti made significant strides in advancing the development of the retro-themed visitor room within Duplicable City. Notably, she finalized the visual representation of option 2 for the room, drawing inspiration from the retro vogue of the Renaissance era. Amiti’s contributions encompassed diverse aspects of the design process, including material selection, furniture design, color coordination, and paint palette curation. She successfully completed the design model, capturing the authentic essence of the 1990s retro movement. Simultaneously, Amiti initiated comprehensive work on Room 9 of Duplicable City, with a focus on Japanese Zen garden rooms. This involved intricate planning, thoughtful interior furniture selection, and meticulous garden design. Additionally, Amiti concluded the necessary files for the Tranquility-themed room (Room 5), showcasing her versatile proficiency across varied design endeavors. See below for the pictures.

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Charles Gooley (Web Designer) completed another week of assisting with web design. Charles dedicated his efforts to enhancing the Water Recycling Net-zero Bathroom page, introducing a specialized section titled “Net-Zero Bathroom Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Design Details.” Seamlessly integrated within the page’s content flow, the new section found its precise position between the Net-zero Bathroom Design Detail section, illustrated by Figure 13 – Elevation East, Revit graphic, and the subsequent Resources section. The added material delved comprehensively into the realm of the Barrels Water Storage System Theory and Analysis, encompassing foundational network nodes, a system of equations, and the Newton-Paphson model. This inclusive depiction encompassed various facets, including the elucidation of storage tank fittings, their diverse types, and the corresponding distribution systems. Charles also conducted a meticulous review of the equations featured on the Duplicable City Center Engineering page, identifying and addressing several errors. The pictures below offer a visual representation of this work.

Net-zero Bathroom Design Detail, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Charles Gooley, Water Recycling, Net-zero Bathroom, Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting, Design Details, Net-zero Bathroom Design, Figure 13 – Elevation East, Revit graphic, Resources, Barrels Water Storage System, Theory and Analysis, Newton-Paphson Model, Equations Review.

Julio Marín Bustillos (Mechanical Engineer) completed another week of assisting with the City Center Dome Hub Connector Engineering. Julio undertook the intricate task of modeling hub connectors for the fourth row of the project. Building upon the process from the previous third-row design, he followed a similar pattern that entails crafting unique models for each individual node. An intriguing revelation surfaced as the fourth row displayed a reduction in the number of nodes compared to the third row, suggesting the potential for a more streamlined workflow and accelerated progress. In the upcoming days, Julio’s focus will remain on meticulously developing these hub connectors, ensuring their precise alignment with the project’s specifications and design standards. The pictures below provide a glimpse of the images.

City Center Dome Hub Connector Engineering, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Julio Bustillos, Mechanical Engineer, City Center Dome Hub Connector Engineering, assisting, fourth row modeling, unique models, streamlined workflow, accelerated progress, project specifications, design standards, development, hub connectors, images, City Center Dome, engineering progress.

Ranran Zhang (Architectural Design) completed another week working on the updated video for the Duplicable City Center internal and external walkthrough. Ranran conducted a comprehensive review of the Lumion model, meticulously verifying its accuracy. Additionally, she dedicated time to the thorough examination of two videos. In an attempt to expedite the rendering process, she experimented with lower resolutions; however, the Lumion model consistently experienced crashes during these rendering attempts, necessitating further troubleshooting and investigation. Take a look at the images below to see some of the progress made in this work.

Duplicable City Center - Using Natural Systems of Recovery - One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Ranran Zhang, Architectural Design, Internal Walkthrough, External Walkthrough, Video Update, Lumion Model, Comprehensive Review, Accuracy Verification, Rendering Process, Troubleshooting, Progress Images.



sustainable food, best practice food, sustainable food systems, aquaponics, walipini, aquapini, zen aquapini, One Community, open source food, free-shared architecture, sustainable living, green living, eco living, living ecologically, for The Highest Good of All, transforming the world, grow your own food, build your own greenhouse in the ground, ground greenhouse, open source architecture, architects of the future, sustainability non-profit, 501c3 organization, sustainable life, water catchment, organic food, food anywhere, maximum food diversity, build your own farmers market, sustainability cooperative, sustainable living group, open source, sustainability nonprofit, free-shared plans, teacher/demonstration village, open source project-launch blueprinting, One Community UpdateOne Community is using natural systems of recovery through Highest Good food that is more diverse, more nutritious, locally grown and sustainable, and part of our open source botanical garden model to support and share bio-diversity:

This week, the core team continued our review of the open-source Highest Good Food designs. We focused on tasks related to the Food Rollout Infrastructure Doc. Our responsibilities encompassed editing and reviewing entries pertaining to the arrival of the initial group of three individuals, as well as subsequent groups ranging from 20 to 50 participants. Additionally, we assessed job description links and associated tasks linked with the initial three groups, ensuring accuracy and alignment. See the pictures below that are related to this.

Highest Good Food, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Core team, open-source designs, Highest Good Food, review, Food Rollout Infrastructure Doc, editing, reviewing, initial group, subsequent groups, participants, job description links, tasks, accuracy, alignment, images, content related to food infrastructure.

And, Gregory Quach (Data Enterer for Chef/Culinary) continued working on the Transition Kitchen, focusing his efforts on Google Sheets tasks. His primary objective centered around an in-depth analysis of the Transition Kitchen Recipe Build Out project, with a specific emphasis on the seamless integration of an aggregate function to facilitate column addition. Despite initial challenges, Gregory adeptly resolved the encountered issues and successfully implemented the aggregate function. See the images below for some of his work.  

Transition Kitchen, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Gregory Quach, Data Enterer, Chef/Culinary, Google Sheets tasks, in-depth analysis, Recipe Build Out project, aggregate function, column addition, challenges, issue resolution, implementation, images, Transition Kitchen work, culinary project progress.



One Community school, One Community education, teaching strategies for life, curriculum for life, One Community, transformational education, open source education, free-shared education, eco-education, curriculum for life, strategies of leadership, the ultimate classroom, teaching tools for life, for the highest good of all, Waldorf, Study Technology, Study Tech, Montessori, Reggio, 8 Intelligences, Bloom's Taxonomy, Orff, our children are our future, the future of kids, One Community kids, One Community families, education for life, transformational livingOne Community is using natural systems of recovery through Highest Good education that is for all ages, applicable in any environment, adaptable to individual needs, far exceeds traditional education standards, and more fun for both the teachers and the students. This component of One Community is about 95% complete with only the Open Source School Licensing and Ultimate Classroom construction and assembly details remaining to be finished. We’ll report on the final two elements to be finished as we develop them.

With over 8 years of work invested in the process, the sections below are all complete until we move onto the property and continue the development and open sourcing process with teachers and students – a development process that is built directly into the structure of the education program and everything else we’re creating too:

Highest Good education, open source education, progressive education, One Community education, forward-thinking education, learning skills

Highest Good Education: All Subjects | All Learning Levels | Any Age – Click image for the open source hub



a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving lifeOne Community is using natural systems of recovery through a Highest Good society approach to living that is founded on fulfilled living, the study of meeting human needsCommunity, and making a difference in the world:

This week, the core team completed 68 hours managing One Community volunteer-work review not included above, emails, social media accounts, web development, new bug identification and bug-fix integration for the Highest Good Network software, and interviewing and getting set up new volunteer team members. See the pictures below show some of this work.

Core Team, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Expressers Team Summary, Highest Good Network Software, Software Issue Resolutions, Task Implementation and Functionality, Frontend and Backend Pull Requests, Code Reviews and Enhancements, Unit Testing and Code Coverage, Bug Identification and Resolution, Collaborative Task Fixes, Timelog Data Updates

Another core team member conducted HGN PRs testing. She thoroughly reviewed and assessed several pull requests, specifically PRs 737, 1085, 1080, 1097, 1102, 1060, 1093, and 1108, marking them as fixed after verification. She also identified and documented certain issues that remained unresolved, including: PR#949, where the owner user’s suggestion count is consistently displayed as 0 even though the Admin can see multiple suggestions; PR#1084, which produced three warnings upon initial login; PR#1098, which resulted in the absence of “Show All Tasks” or “Truncate Tasks” buttons; and PR#1104, related to PR#1098. Additionally, she successfully configured an account to test the misassignment of badges when no hours are required per week, addressing the matter in PR#349. See the image below to view this work.

Core Team, Volunteer Work, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, HGN PRs Testing, Pull Request Review and Assessment, Bug Identification and Documentation, Unresolved Software Issues, Owner User Suggestion Count, Initial Login Warnings, Task Buttons Absence, Badge Misassignment Test, Software Configuration, Verification and Resolution

Jin Hua (Web and Graphic Designer) helped organize and pass along our analytics details to the new Marketing Team working on our Adwords and Analytics campaigns. The pictures below show some of this work.

Jin, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Web and Graphic Design, Analytics Details Organization, Marketing Team Collaboration, Adwords Campaign Management, Analytics Campaign Coordination, Marketing Data Sharing, Campaign Optimization, Analytics Insights Transfer, Marketing Team Support, Ad Campaign Coordination

Vishvesh Sheoran (Artificial Intelligence Specialist) helped with RankMath for the Highest Good Network. This week, Vishvesh concentrated on boosting One Community’s homepage SEO score, utilizing the RankMath plugin. The result: a significant climb from 16/100 to a robust 80/100. His approach involved adeptly configuring advanced plugin settings, refining meta descriptions, optimizing image alt text, and fine-tuning focus keywords, collectively enhancing the website’s SEO efficacy. Look below for a collage of his work.

Highest Good Network software, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update 545, Vishvesh Sheoran, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, RankMath, Highest Good Network, SEO score, RankMath plugin, meta descriptions, image alt text, focus keywords, website's SEO efficacy


This week, the Administration Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Jamie and includes Alyx Parr (Senior Support Specialist and Manager), Anitta George Kunnappilly (Research and Management Volunteer), Jamie Cruz (Administrative Assistant and Team Manager), and Olawunmi “Ola” Ijisesan (Administrative and Management Support). Alyx undertook various tasks for the blog, encompassing pulling, reviewing, and editing summaries and images, alongside creating collages and organizing messages. Additionally, Alyx ensured the alignment of individuals’ work hours with One Community on the blog and recognized the need for essential edits in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms and image attributes. Anitta commenced her inaugural week by joining the PR review team, engaging diligently with provided documents and supplementary videos to enhance her understanding of her role. Throughout the week, Anitta meticulously updated the HGN spreadsheet and folder, while also categorizing PRs with color codes. Jamie accomplished the final refinements of her blog post, meticulously integrating crucial SEO components and annotations for each image. Simultaneously, she proactively initiated the groundwork for an upcoming blog post to meet the team’s ambitious deadlines, displaying steadfast dedication. Similarly, Ola demonstrated diligence by successfully completing assigned tasks, subjecting her work and that of Alyx and Jamie to thorough reviews, incorporating error rectifications and feedback. Ola promptly embraced feedback on her own task, effecting necessary adjustments in response. The collage below shows some of this work.

Admin, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Administration Team Summary, Highest Good Network Software Work, Senior Support Specialist, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Edits, PR Review Team Engagement, HGN Spreadsheet and Folder Update, Crucial SEO Components Integration, Annotations for Image SEO, Upcoming Blog Post Groundwork, Diligence in Task Completion


This week, the Blue Steel Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Jamie Cruz (Administrative Assistant and Team Manager and includes Eduardo Varjao (Frontend Developer), Haohui Lin (Software Engineer), Lawrence Chua (Full Stack Software Developer), Lucile Tronczyk (Full Stack Software Developer), Nathan Hoffman (Software Engineer and Team Manager), and Oleksandr Riazantsev (Project Management Advisor). Eduardo conducted comprehensive reviews of pull requests, meticulously examining PR #1163 for flawless functionality, addressing performance issues in PR #1162, and verifying the implementation of PR #1147. He also assisted new team member Gabriel Lima in configuring his development environment and understanding operational dynamics. Eduardo transitioned to the development team, taking responsibility for the “See Teams Management Tab (Create Teams and edit team members only)” task, initiating its foundational structure. Haohui focused on thorough pull request reviews, emphasized by PR #1022, completed the “Make tasks list only suggest active members” coding task, and addressed concerns about buttons and task absence. Kurtis resolved issues of reports and links tabs absence by reverting a change, resolved frontend mouseovertext errors due to backend routes, managed merge conflicts in PR 1082, tested PR 481, and discovered a typo causing issues in the teamscontroller’s post method. He also reviewed PR 1167 and pr1147. Lawrence investigated the issue of reverted weekly summary options upon logging time, finding no triggers in the frontend code. Lucile advanced the map implementation project by researching APIs, reviewing code, and coding initial components while collaborating on solutions and implementation strategies. Nathan resolved merge conflicts for PR#931, reviewed summaries, addressed bugs in permissions, initiated PR 481, and investigated a profile submission crash. Oleksandr worked on an indicator leaderboard refresh, resolved CSS issues for buttons, explored code functionality, and delved into potential roles for the “Create Invisibility Hierarchy” task. See the image below to view this work.

Blue Steel, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Blue Steel Team Summary, Highest Good Network Software, Comprehensive Pull Request Reviews, Performance Issue Resolution, Development Environment Configuration, Task Implementation and Functionality, Thorough Code Review, Issue Resolution and Bug Fixing, Map Implementation Project, Indicator Leaderboard Refresh


Expressers Team’s summary this week, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Tim Kent (Full Stack Software Engineer) and includes Veronica Cheng (Software Engineer), Olga Yudkin (Software Engineer), Gary Balogh (Software Engineer), Yuri Andrade (Software Engineer), “Sola” Olusola Akinbode (Full Stack Software Developer), Aaron Persaud (Software Developer), and Joyce Liu (Software Engineer). Veronica transitioned into her role on the development team by acquainting herself with the bugs and essential features document, proceeding to perform five comprehensive pull request reviews, including frontend tasks #1169, #1155, #1166, and #1172, and backend task #484. She expressed intentions to delve into unit testing studies and to continue engaging in further pull request assessments. Olga accomplished the setup of a comprehensive unit testing document and minor updates to the HGN Unit Testing Guide, concluding task 255 by reconciling HoursByCategory with total SavedTangibleHrs and totalTangibleHrs through a dedicated function and a subsequent draft pull request. Gary undertook comprehensive reviews of multiple pull requests, evaluating changes such as UI enhancements to the Edit Link Modal, bug resolutions for the Task Notification Modal, integration of team code capabilities into the Weekly Summaries Report page, formatting adjustments to the Tasks table on the dashboard, date uniformity modifications, and optimization for the Weekly Summaries Report page. Yuri conducted code reviews for various pull requests (PR1140, PR1147, PR1126, PR472, PR1155, PR1166, PR1163) in the HGN Software, addressing permissions updates, style adjustments, user creation enhancements, leaderboard animation, CSS alterations, and new permission functionalities. Sola focused on resolving branch conflicts between PR 1033 and PR 358 and initiated a pull request (PR479) for the “Create NEW USER function, if blue square added, delete and send special email” task, alongside offering testing and approval for PR481 and addressing issues with displaying moved time entries. Aaron’s contributions involved PR486 rectifying inaccuracies in displaying moved time entries, reintegration of linting into the workflow, and the resolution of linting discrepancies in the Timelog component through PR1179. Joyce concentrated on enhancing unit tests for the HGN app, conducting QA testing in the development environment, and monitoring the #urgent-bugs-needs-all-help channel for potential tasks. The collage below shows some of this work.

Expresser, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update #545, Expressers Team Summary, Highest Good Network Software, Comprehensive Pull Request Reviews, Unit Testing and QA Testing, Software Development Contributions, Bug Resolution and Integration, UI Enhancements and CSS Modifications, Development Workflow Optimization, Task Management and Collaboration, Weekly Summaries and Reporting


Funding’s summary was managed by Alyx Parr (Senior Support Specialist) and includes Megan Morelli (Funding Research and Acquisition) helped with the Highest Good Fundraising Research and Acquisition. This week, Megan expanded the grant proposal template by incorporating a conclusion and budget sections. In parallel, she advertised a grant writer volunteer role on VolunteerMatch. In conjunction with template development, Megan initiated contact with several foundations, conducted further research on potential supporting foundations, and identified specific high-net-worth individuals for outreach in the upcoming week. Below are some pictures of her work.

Highest Good Network software, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update 545, Funding's summary, Alyx Parr, Senior Support Specialist, Megan Morelli, Funding Research, Acquisition, Highest Good Fundraising Research, Grant proposal template, Conclusion, Budget sections, Grant writer volunteer role, VolunteerMatch, Template development, Foundations, Research, High-net-worth individuals, Outreach, Pictures

Graphic Design’s summary was managed by Alyx Parr (Senior Support Specialist) and includes Ashlesha Navale (Graphic Designer), Rihab Baklouti (Freelance Generalist), Yeasin Arafat (Civil Engineer, Graphic Designer). This week, the team accomplished several tasks across different areas. Ashlesha took on the responsibility of crafting Social Media and YouTube Preview/Intro Images for blogs #713, 714,715, 716,717, 718, 719, and 720. Her work included meticulous research and curation efforts to create a diverse collection of nature-inspired background visuals and thematic images, all aimed at enhancing future Social Media and YouTube content. In parallel, Rihab handled two distinct assignments. For the first task, she designed weekly progress update images #660 to #664, meticulously iterating through multiple drafts and seeking review before finalizing and publishing the official designs on Dropbox. Simultaneously, Rihab tackled the creation of volunteer announcements, editing bio pictures and announcement designs for volunteers Olawunmi “Ola” Ijisesan and Zijie “Cyril” Yu, subsequently incorporating the approved designs into the webpage after comprehensive review by the One Community crew. Meanwhile, Yeasin dedicated his efforts to tasks, primarily centered on preparing essential resources for design work related to raising awareness about climate change prevention. The focus involves gathering the necessary resources to facilitate the design process, with the ultimate goal of ensuring timely completion and uploading of the finalized designs to Dropbox in accordance with the week’s deadline. The pictures below exemplify this work.

Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update 545, Graphic Design, Alyx Parr, Senior Support Specialist, Ashlesha Navale, Graphic Designer, Rihab Baklouti, Freelance Generalist, Yeasin Arafat, Civil Engineer, Social Media, YouTube Preview, Intro Images, blogs, research, curation efforts, nature-inspired background visuals, thematic images, enhancing content, weekly progress update images, drafts, Dropbox, volunteer announcements, editing bio pictures, announcement designs, One Community crew, climate change prevention, essential resources, design work, raising awareness, timely completion, uploading, finalized designs



Marketing’s summary was managed by Alyx Parr (Senior Support Specialist) and includes Anushka Signhal (Machine Learning Engineer) and Tanaya Joshi (Machine Learning Engineer). This week, Anushka and Tanaya contributed to the project’s advancement. Anushka engaged in onboarding activities to familiarize herself with the project’s scope and progress, achieved through discussions with team members. She concentrated on grasping the concept of a measurement plan’s relevance to the Google AdWords initiative. In collaboration with a teammate, Anushka effectively devised a measurement plan with a focus on “increasing awareness,” while also formulating strategies to enhance conversions aligned with awareness and reach objectives. Meanwhile, Tanaya dedicated her efforts to crafting a comprehensive tutorial elucidating the intricacies of a measurement plan. She not only authored an in-depth guide for crafting such plans but also proactively generated a measurement plan for the upcoming week, supplementing it with meticulous documentation to facilitate understanding among fellow team members. Furthermore, Tanaya took the initiative to draft a plan for the sustained maintenance and periodic revision of the measurement plan, ensuring its enduring effectiveness. Additionally, she documented the entire maintenance process, providing a structured framework for seamless plan management. See the collage below for evidence of this work.

Highest Good Network software, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update 545, Marketing, summary, Alyx Parr, Senior Support Specialist, Anushka Signhal, Machine Learning Engineer, Tanaya Joshi, Machine Learning Engineer, project advancement, onboarding activities, project scope, progress, measurement plan, Google AdWords initiative, increasing awareness, conversions, awareness objectives, reach objectives, comprehensive tutorial, intricacies, in-depth guide, meticulous documentation, sustained maintenance, periodic revision, plan management, evidence


Moonfall Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Xiao Tan and includes Abdelmounaim “Abdel” Lallouache (Software Developer), Cheng-Yun Chuang (Software Engineer), Edwin Estuardo Lau Mack (Software Engineer), Jianjun Luo (Software Engineer), Tzu Ning “Leo” Chueh (Software Engineer), Xiao Tan (Volunteer and Team Manager), Yihan Liu (Software Engineer), and Zijie “Cyril” Yu (Volunteer Software Engineer). This week, the team’s collective efforts encompassed a range of tasks and accomplishments. Zijie demonstrated proficiency by successfully clearing the “Remaining hours” task and efficiently reviewing nine pull requests (PRs) for the HighestGoodNetworkApp project. Tzu Ning’s meticulous investigation led to the rectification of a system bug affecting Teams list behavior. Jianjun diligently progressed on the assigned cronjob task, resolving conflicts and refining badge presentation on the summary report page. Cheng-Yun reviewed 14 pull requests across backend and frontend repositories, addressing critical behaviors, and focusing on replication of Oleksandr’s observations. Edwin showcased his dedication in refining Frontend functionality, addressing alignment issues, and adding user management features. Abdelmounaim skillfully updated the timeOffRequestReducer, introduced thunks, and enhanced the RequestedTimeOff modal. Yihan resolved errors, initiated PRs, and addressed issues related to team codes. Navneeth effectively resolved a Phase 1 bug, engaged in PR reviews, and contributed to edge case testing. Xiao conducted comprehensive PR reviews, engaged in crucial communications, and addressed tasks outlined in the management document, while also resolving color update issues and initiating a significant task for dashboard consistency. Look below for a collage of their work.

Highest Good Network software, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update 545, Moonfall Team, Highest Good Network software, software development team, volunteer team manager, software developer, software engineer, pull requests, system bug, cronjob task, frontend and backend repositories, user management features, timeOffRequestReducer, PR reviews, dashboard consistency, edge case testing


Reactonaut Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Eduardo Horta and includes Eduardo Horta (Software Engineer and Team Manager), Carl Bebli (Software Developer)Induja Kanchisamudram (Developer), Jacky Li (Software Engineer), Jiangwei Shi (Full Stack Engineer), Masasa Thapelo (Software Engineer), Nida Zaki (Software Engineer), Ramya Ramasamy (Full Stack Developer), Shantanu Kumar (Full Stack Software Developer), Shihao Xiong (Software Engineer), Shivansh Sharma (Software Developer), Shrey Jain (Software Engineer), and Zuhang Xu (Software Engineer). This week, various team members contributed to project development as follows: Carl collaborated with Eduardo and Oleksandr to address the “weekly summary bug,” progressing towards a temporary solution and co-hosting a team meeting; Induja focused on Google Doc and media folder link validation, integrating distinct regular expressions for different link types and implementing checks during user profile creation; Jacky, in a new role, reviewed pull requests and identified a permission bug affecting testing, while searching for relevant functionalities; Jiangwei resolved the “task tab time log format” bug, initiated a pull request for review, ensuring system integrity; Masasa worked on front and back parts of the app, testing multiple pull requests and contributing to the app’s first phase; Ramya proactively engaged with lint checks, taking on a module to enhance them after thorough research; Shantanu conducted PR reviews, researched an urgent bug, and addressed ES lint; Shihao optimized the load speed of the weekly summaries report page through refactoring, resulting in performance-enhancing pull requests; Shivansh addressed core team email bugs, replicated and resolved user permission issues, and set sights on future problem-solving; Shrey tackled a bug involving the “more work needed button” and standardized task icons, initiating PRs and reviews; Zuhang conducted comprehensive codebase reviews, evaluated multiple PRs, and flagged an issue in PR 1146 while initiating a new PR request numbered 1185. Look below for pictures of this work.

Highest Good Network software, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update 545, Reactonaut Team, Highest Good Network software, software engineer, team manager, developer, pull request, codebase reviews, bug resolution, system integrity, performance-enhancing, lint checks, user profile creation, regular expressions, link validation, team meeting, project development


Skye’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Yiyun Tan and includes Yiyun Tan (Management Dashboard Team Leader), Bailey Mejia (Software Engineer), Jerry Ren (Full Stack Developer), Luis Arevalo (Front End Developer), and Yao Wang (Software Engineer). This week, Luis focused on enhancing the functionality of the weekly summaries report component by incorporating a copy button. Within this feature, users who have submitted summaries are presented with a copy button, facilitating admins and owners in efficiently copying the text to their clipboard. Additionally, this button was integrated into the current user’s profile page, accessible through the “Show team weekly summaries” option, enabling team members to view and copy each other’s summaries. In parallel, Luis conducted a thorough review of pull requests (PR) 1146 and 1140, confirming the successful implementation of the respective developments. Notably, PR 1140 involved the addition of text to various permissions, although some instances were identified as lacking proper text. Meanwhile, PR 1146 addressed the presentation of a user’s name in bold during deletion, enhancing text visibility. Over the course of the week, Luis effectively addressed comments and suggestions related to his PRs, alongside resolving a navbar bug. This bug hindered both Luis and users from accessing all links within the Navbar. Through meticulous troubleshooting, including an environment reset, he successfully resolved the issue, restoring full access to the appropriate links. Jerry, a member of the Development Team, focused on enabling the assignment of the “See Only Weekly Summaries Reports Tab” and “See User Management Tab (Full Functionality)” permissions to users who do not possess these permissions by default. Additionally, he undertook the task of revising the titles and descriptions of these permissions as they are displayed on the Permissions Management Page. It was Yao’s first week as part of the developer team. Initially, he familiarized himself with all relevant documentation and identified new tasks to undertake. Yao conducted testing on 7 pull requests, performing thorough fringe case testing across different accounts. The PRs subjected to testing were: 1162, 1166, 1169, 1172, 1177, 1181, and 1182. Among these, improvements were suggested for PR 1162, though it was approved due to its continued functional use. In the case of PR 1182, which introduced new features, modification requests were made due to incomplete implementation. Apart from these two PRs, all others successfully passed the testing phase. Bailey focused on advancing the development teams to Phase 2 of the project. One significant task involved addressing the “suggestion” button issue. Bailey hypothesized that the suggest button was not visible for the mentor and manager roles due to the user possibly selecting the edit task permission over the suggest task permission, given the former’s higher precedence. After collaborating with a colleague to test this theory, both confirmed that the functionality was rectified and no longer problematic. In the interim between tasks, Bailey conducted reviews on several PRs: #1155 “Leaderboard refresh message”, #1163 “Indentation of sub permissions”, and #1172 “Improve summary loading performance”. All three PRs received Bailey’s approval, facilitating continued work on new features and bug fixes. Subsequently, Bailey addressed a minor issue on the Reports page for the people section, ensuring proper padding to prevent the card bottom from blending with the background. This adjustment was seamlessly integrated into the Dev phase. Wrapping up the week, Bailey embarked on a comprehensive task of testing all Badges for functionality, reporting any anomalies. Out of the badges tested, several remain under developer scrutiny for further debugging. Yiyun adeptly addressed lint-fix tasks, establishing a dedicated channel with assigned team members, and initiated collaboration. She made significant contributions to production database connections, updates, and PR reviews, providing valuable assistance to fellow team members. See the collage below for their work.

Highest Good Network software, Using Natural Systems of Recovery, One Community Weekly Progress Update 545, Skye’s summary, Highest Good Network software, Yiyun Tan, Management Dashboard Team Leader, Bailey Mejia, Software Engineer, Jerry Ren, Full Stack Developer, Luis Arevalo, Front End Developer, Yao Wang, Software Engineer, weekly summaries report, copy button, user profile page, team members, pull requests (PR), permissions, text visibility, navbar bug, Development Team, permissions management, documentation, fringe case testing, new features, bug fixes, Reports page, Badges, production database connections, PR reviews


The PR Review Team’s summary (updated names and summary coming soon) covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Raul Effting (Jr. Front-End Web Developer and Manager) and Alyx Parr (Senior Support Specialist and Team Manager). This week’s active members of this team (completing a minimum of 10 volunteer hours each) were: Anirudh Ghildiyal (Software Engineer), Anish Pandita (Software Engineer), Cheng-Yun Chuang (Software Engineer)Eduardo Varjão (Frontend Developer), Haohui Lin (Software Engineer), Harshida Dalal (Software Engineer), Jacky Li (Software Engineer), Jerry Ren (Full Stack Developer), Jiadong Zhang (Software Engineer), Jiyuan Xia (Software Engineer)Luis Arevalo (Front End Developer), Masasa Thapelo (Software Engineer), Navneeth Krishna (Software Engineer), Nouman Abidi (Software Engineer)Oleksandr Riazantsev (Software Engineer), Ramya Ramasamy (Full Stack Developer), Roberto Contreras (Software Engineer)Sanjana Rao (Software Engineer), Shantanu Kumar (Full Stack Software Developer), Shihao Xiong (Software Engineer), Vansh Patel (Software Engineer), Veronica Cheng (Software Engineer), Yao Wang (Software Engineer). YuFu Liao (Software Engineer), Yuri Andrade (Software Engineer), and Zijie “Cyril” Yu (Volunteer Software Engineer). They reviewed all the Highest Good Network PRs (Pull Requests) shared in this week’s update. The collage below shows a compilation of the work from this team.

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